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Indiana University Labor Studies Alumni

Where Are They Now?


Susan Perry, Certificate, Labor Studies, 2002, AS, Labor Studies, 2003, BS, Labor Studies, 2005
I have always been interested in the world of work and how it affects every other aspect of our lives. I chose IU because it was close to work and had great professors that really understand labor and worker issues. In particular, Professors Laurie Graham and Ruth Needleman were inspirations for every student that attended! They helped us understand the system and how workers are used or manipulated into the system and how they can resist these efforts. I attended classes on the IU Kokomo Campus where I earned my: Certificate, Labor Studies, in 2002; AS, Labor Studies, in 2003; and BS, Labor Studies, in 2005. I would like to say that our world of work and compensation is drastic in this country and we are going to have to adapt our lifestyles to survive, so, the more we understand what is happening, the better our chance of survival! Since graduating, I have worked in manufacturing, where I can study labor first hand as I live it! I live on a small farm and raise horses and chickens! (Susan was born and raised in Galveston, IN and still lives there now).

Dennis Sass, Certificate, Labor Studies, 2002, AS, Labor Studies, 2003, BS, Labor Studies, 2009
I got interested in Labor Studies while working in the USWA, local 6787, as an elected grievance committeeman at Bethlehem Steel. I chose IU since other IU students encouraged me to do so and Swingshift College made it possible. Special thanks to John Moberg for his promptings to get involved in Labor Studies at IU And to Ruth Needleman for her tireless efforts to build and sustain the program for the benefits of students and workers, especially in the steel industry. I received my Certificate in Labor Studies in 2002, my AS Degree in Labor Studies in 2003, and my BS in Labor Studies in 2009, all on the IU Northwest Campus. I am living proof that decades after high school, a student can still learn and benefit from college. At 55, I am a graduate (the first in my family) with highest distinction and very proud. College classes as an adult student have made life so much more interesting. I never had a class that didn't add perspective and the faculty never failed to teach something new. I hope the traditional classroom does not get replaced with on-line learning designed to make life easy at the expense of valuable interaction and classroom communication, also a part of learning. There is nothing more important or valuable in life than our relationships. I have a wonderful wife, Pam, and am the proud father of six daughters. About me... I enjoy deer hunting and have been an avid archer. I try to grow vegetables and enjoy my yard work. Classic cars are still cool and motorcycle riding is fun when the weather is right. Family is first and I so appreciate my church family as well. I like conversation and rational debate. (Dennis was born and in Clearfield County, PA. He was raised in PA, Portage, IN and Chester, VA. He now resides in Portage, IN).

Edward Dent, Certificate in Labor Studies, 2004       
I was born in Charleston, WV and raised in Belle, WV (Cabin Creek area).  I currently live in Prince George, VA.  I became interested in Labor Studies as a result of being involved in the union at work.  My co-workers asked me to be their union representative.  After years as a steward, I became the union president later in my career at DuPont.  I had several professors in the Labor Studies Program that were good and I remember Lynn Duncan in particular.  Most staff provided comment on the papers I submitted which was relevant to the discussion at hand and they were encouraging.  I earned my Certificate in Labor Studies in 2004 and my Associate Degree in Applied Science in 2005 from the Indianapolis Campus.

After graduation, I retired from DuPont in August, 2007 and worked at the Pamplin Historical Park:  National Museum of the Civil War Soldier, in Petersburg, VA part time until that job ended in 2009.  

I grew up in the coal fields of West Virginia and many of my relatives were coal miners.  I knew much about the United Mine Workers Union.  John L. Lewis had great support among many of the miners, including many of my relatives.  My distant relative, Frank Keeney, was involved in the March on Blair Mountain during the coal mine wars.  My great uncle, Raymond Keeney, and his family, owned property in Cabin Creek, and allowed the striking miners to "pitch tent" on land he owned.  My dad's side of the family were strong union people and my dad was not.  This made for great arguments at home.  Dad worked for DuPont at Belle and was a strong company man.  He was a wage roll.

My interests include reading, plenty of exercising and swimming, folklore, and traveling.  I would like someday to learn to play the banjo. 

I am a Vietnam Veteran, having served with the 16th Infantry Rangers of the 1st Infantry Division in 1967-1968,  I experienced the Tet Offensive and Counter Tet Offensive first hand.  I later served in Germany.  I was 18 years old in Vietnam.  A combat infantryman.  I graduated from West Virginia Institute of Technology with a BA in Social Studies/Economics.  I also have a Masters Degree from Virginia State University in history.

Edward Finn III, Certificate, Labor Studies, 2005, AS, Labor Studies, 2005, BS, Labor Studies, 2005
FinnI actually found Labor Studies by accident. I was taking distance education courses while living and working in North Carolina and Northern Virginia. At that time, Labor Studies courses were offered through the School of Continuing Studies by Independent Study. I took an introduction to labor history course and fell in love with the topic, not to mention that I met Dr. Steven Ashby at that same time. He inspired me and mentored me throughout the entire program. When I returned to IU, Labor Studies was a free standing school and remained that way until I graduated. Dr. Ashby escorted me into Assembly Hall as the only Labor Studies graduate to graduate during the 2005 December commencement. The faculty was brilliant, supportive and fair. All opinions were respected and encouraged.

I originally started my academic career in New Albany at IU Southeast. I later transferred to Bloomington to pursue a degree and then moved to other states to work. Coming back, it was the flexibility of the Oncourse environment and online instruction that kept me pursuing a degree at IU. I am very proud to be a member of the Labor Studies Alumni. I have already mentioned Dr. Steven Ashby, who is unfortunately no longer with IU, but other faculty members influenced me as well. One of the most impressive aspects of Labor Studies included the faculty. Leonard Page, J.D. taught Union Organizing and was a former General Counsel to the National Labor Relations Board. Professor Ron Sebelski taught OSHA and was a current IOSHA inspector. Bruce Feldacker taught Grievance Arbitration and was a practicing Labor Attorney. Micheal Nicholson, J.D. taught Labor Law and was a former UAW attorney. Dr. Lynn Duggan taught Race, Class, Gender & Work and has continued to be a mentor and colleague in my graduate work. Finally, Dr. Carl Wienberg taught several classes including Workers & War and Labor & the Political System. He taught my fellow students and I that labor affects the world and the effects of labor are all around us. He continues to be a mentor and a friend. I earned my Certificate in Labor Studies in 2005 and graduated in August, 2005 with an AS in Labor Studies from IU Bloomington, and in December, 2005 with a BS in Labor Studies from IU Bloomington. I would recommend the Labor Studies Program to anyone who has a passion for history or really wants to understand how labor works in America and the world.

I completed my MS in Adult Education in May, 2009 at IUPUI and am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Program at Indiana Wesleyan University. I am currently working at Woodforest National Bank as a Branch Manager in Bedford, IN and as an adjunct faculty member at both IUPUI and Ivy Tech Community College. I will also be teaching the FDIC Money Smart curriculum for Woodforest starting next month.
I am happily married to my lovely wife Melissa and we have three (soon to be four) beautiful boys. Trey - 12, Eddie - 6, Gabriel - 14 months, and Cory - expected in 2010. I am an avid reader, love baseball and have a passion for travel and history.
(Edward was born in Cincinnati, OH. He was raised in South Carolina, Florida, and Ohio. He now lives in Mitchell, IN).

Grace New, Certificate in Labor Studies, 2005           
I got interested in Labor Studies when I was looking for answers to questions that I had and I also wanted to obtain more education.  I attended IU because I worked there.  I had several outstanding classes and wonderful faculty while studying on the Bloomington Campus.  I really enjoyed Professor Lynn Duggan's course on race, class, and gender.  I received my Certificate in Labor Studies in 2005.  I have worked at various places since graduation.  My hobbies consist of my pet cat named Leo.  She likes to help me with whatever I do, especially when I make quilts.  Since I have learned more about labor and management, I feel much more at ease around certain groups of people.  I was born and raised in Bloomington, IN and now live in Bedford, IN.

Rachel Bennett Steury, BS, Labor Studies, 2005
Being a union member is what got me interested in Labor Studies. I chose the IU Division of Labor Studies because it is highly regarded within the Labor Movement. Professor Mark Crouch and Professor Cathy Mulder were instrumental in my success in the program. I graduated in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Labor Studies from the Fort Wayne Campus. (Rachel was born in Auburn, IN and raised in Lorain, OH. She currently lives in Auburn).

Pamela Witt, Certificate, Labor Studies, 2005, AS, Labor Studies, 2006
I would like to mention two Labor Studies professors that I found to be noteworthy, Conrad Meuhling and Michael Deppe. I earned my Certificate in Labor Studies in 2005 and my AS in Labor Studies in 2006, both on the IU Northwest Campus. I have received the following awards and certificates: Certificate of Accomplishment in Custodial Engineers Training; Certificate of Achievement in Communications Training; IU Certificate of Achievement (Division of Labor Studies) Successfully Completing the Midwest School for Women Workers; IU Division of Labor Studies Certificate of Achievement in Public Sector Grievance Handling; Canadian Labor Congress Labor Education Course Certificate in Action Research Finding Solutions to Union Problems; UALE/AFL-CIO University of Wisconsin Extension School for Workers Successfully completing Midwest School for Women Workers; City of Hobart, IN Certificate of Appreciation for being an Exceptional School Volunteer; Labor Education Program, University of Illinois, Certificates of Participation in the Polk Women's Labor Education Seminar and Conference; Low Pressure and High Pressure Boiler Maintenance Certifications; Certificate of Completion with 120 Hours of Criminal Justice from Correctional Training Institution; 10 Hour OSHA Certification; and Water Testing Certification. I do help with a lot of volunteer work and I love to work with children, scrapbooking, crocheting, going to toy shows, working with computers, and doing crafts. I belong to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. (Pamela was born and raised in Hobart, IN and now lives in Portage, IN).

Lance Bradbury, BS, Labor Studies, 2009                 
I was born and raised in Irvington on the East side of Indianapolis and I continue to live in Indianapolis. While I was participating in an electrical apprenticeship through the IBEW, I attended a class at Ivy Tech about the history of organized labor. This class opened my eyes to the relationship between labor and business. During my apprenticeship, I was informed that IU offered further training in labor studies. IU also had an articulation agreement with Ivy Tech telling me what credits I would receive by transferring. The location, class offerings, and ease of transfer were all factors in choosing to attend IU.  I graduated in 2009 from IUPUI with my Bachelors of Labor Studies Degree.  

Since graduation I have been foreman on various electrical projects in Indianapolis and as of the Fall of 2011 I have been attending the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.  I have been married for 12 years and have 4 children. The night and online classes made it possible for me to pursue my dreams.

Tyler Helmond, BS, 2006, Labor Studies, JD, 2009
HelmondI was attracted to Labor Studies because it is an intersection of several disciplines that I have an interest in, including economics, political science, and law. I chose to attend IU Bloomington because it offers everything a college student might want or need. The combination of a beautiful campus, diverse course offerings, and vibrant music and athletic events was too much to pass up. I graduated with my BS in Labor Studies in 2006 and my JD in 2009. I earned both degrees on the IU Bloomington Campus. I am currently an attorney at Voyles Zahn Paul Hogan & Merriman in Indianapolis. (Tyler was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and continues to live there).

Lori Holewczynski, BS, Labor Studies, 2009
I previously attended Goshen College in Goshen, IN where I studied Social Work for one year. When I was later enrolled in Labor Studies at IU, a trifecta of courageous professors taught me the importance of understanding all sides of history that capitalism tends to cloud. They were Paul Mishler, M. Thandabantu Iverson and William Mello. Through their leadership, experience, and scholarly dedication, they challenged and enlightened their students to view history and the covert and overt forms of oppression, racism, economic and social inequalities that have become institutionalized in American society and social policies. Looking at my relationships formed as a case manager, and in appreciation, I won the trifecta! All IU students should take one or two classes in Labor Studies. The experience and knowledge is rich and lasting. I was on the Dean's List three times while in school and I graduated in 2009 with a BS in Labor Studies from the South Bend Campus. I work for Dockside Services as a case manager and I belong to the NASW. I don't remember the last time I cooked a meal that was a culinary success and that did not come out of a crock pot. My husband has filled in on house duties so I could devote myself to school work. We have been in this journey together and I am so appreciative for his unfaltering support. So, my hobby was cooking. Now it's school work with an interest in relearning cooking. (Lori was born in Cleveland, OH and raised in Wakarusa, IN. She currently lives in Wakarusa).

Christa Kaga, Certificate in Labor Studies, 2009                     
I was born and raised on the northwest side of Indianapolis and continue to live here.  My school advisor got me interested in Labor Studies and I chose to attend IU because my father and grandmother went there. I loved all my Labor Studies professors. I took all my classes online and had a great line of communication with all of them.  I graduated in 2009 from the Bloomington campus with a BA in Criminal Justice and a Certificate in Labor Studies. Since graduation, I have worked in the legal system in Marion County as a Court Clerk, Court Bailiff, and Probation Officer.  I currently work for Indiana Department of Child Services.   I am waiting on an acceptance letter (hopefully) from the IU School of Social Work about an MSW degree. 


Larry Kimbrough, Certificate, Labor Studies, 1990, BS, Labor Studies, 1991
KimbroughI was introduced to Labor Studies by a friend at work. I was already attending classes on the IU Campus in Indianapolis pursuing another field of study and therefore chose to continue there in the Labor Studies Program. I earned my Certificate in Labor Studies in 1990 and my BS in Labor Studies in 1991. Since then, I earned my PhD in Organization and Management, with Specialization in Leadership, from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN in 1997. My Dissertation Title was, Perceptions of Leader Ethical Behavior and Its Relationship to Organizational Effectiveness: An Exploratory Study. I also earned an MBA from Oakland City University Oakland City, IN in 1997. I have been an Adjunct Faculty Member since 2008 at Indiana Wesleyan University, Indianapolis, IN. I have worked for the Navistar Corporation in Ft. Wayne, IN going on 39 years. Since 2008, I have been their Purchasing Commodity Manager and I am responsible for managing the procurement of goods and services from suppliers within their responsible commodity groups for when a commodity group supplies. I provide leadership in environment of managing, controlling, developing, maintaining, and executing world-class global parts distribution, logistics, and supply chain strategies for the Military that are designed to provide unparalleled customer service and customer satisfaction by leveraging our distribution network and capabilities. In 2001, I was honored with the Diversity Recognition Award for dedication to diversity. I was also awarded a United States Patent in 2005 for Ceramic Fiber Core Process for Casting. (Larry was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN and continues to live there).

Patricia Cummings, BS in Labor Studies, 1992               
Nuremburg, Germany is where I was born to American military parents.  When they returned home, I was raised in rural Indiana.  I became interested in Labor Studies after I had worked at a variety of jobs and witnessed firsthand the unfairness and oppression of the workplace, as well as the nobility of the working class.  I hold the following degrees from IU in Bloomington:  Associate in General Studies, 1989; BS in Labor Studies, 1992; and JD, 2002.  I remember that while I was in Labor Studies, we convinced one of our classmates that Japanese was being added to the required curriculum for graduation from the Labor Studies Program and kept him going for a while.  He was in a panic for a little while thinking he would have to pass conversational Japanese.  

Since graduating from Law School, I worked five years as a legal advocacy coordinator for a nationally recognized domestic violence shelter, and now work as a deputy prosecutor for the Monroe County in the child support division.  

I met my best friend in the first class I took at IU and she introduced me to caving.  I ended up raising my kids in caving and continue to be active with the caving groups.

On a daily basis, I use the information I learned through the Labor Studies Program in dealing with people from all walks of life and with a variety of issues in their lives.  All people labor; not all are paid, but, we all work at something in order to survive. 

John Hite, Certificate, Labor Studies, 1993, BS, Labor Studies, 2003
Our shop steward stopped me one day and started chatting about unions. At the time I was not very impressed with unions. The more I learned, the more I realized exactly what the unions were and how the working people of this country would have nothing if it were not for the fight and sacrifice of the past. I wanted to learn more so I contacted Keith Knauss from the IU South Bend Labor Studies Program and enrolled in a few classes. After having Keith for a teacher, I was hooked. I chose IUSB Labor Studies because it "was the only game in town." The Steel Workers offered summer school but IUSB was the one true source for enlightenment. Keith Knauss was the light that illuminated my mind. I graduated in 1993 with a Certificate in Labor Studies and in 2003 with a BS Degree in Labor Studies, both from the South Bend campus of IU. My workplace was closed in 2002. Since that time I have owned 2 businesses, worked for the IU East for a few months and now work in Elkhart, IN. (John was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Mishawaka, IN, where he currently continues to live).

Keith Lane, AS Labor Studies, 1993
I became interested in the Labor Studies Program through my employment at the ALCOA plant in Lafayette, IN and my involvement in the ABGWI Union. I selected Indiana University because they offered a program specifically tailored to my field of study. In addition, with my full time employment and family obligations IU’s class schedules allowed me to attend class around my job and family. IU’s Labor Studies program offered Saturday classes, evening classes and extremely helpful faculty, staff, counselors and instructors. Most of my instructors had real world experience and all of them were eager to help me succeed. I remember sitting in my first IU class at the Kokomo High School and thinking what have I gotten myself in to going back to college as a returning adult student. I thought that I’d never be able to complete the course work. However, if you apply yourself you can do it. Everyone at IU and Purdue was very supportive. I’m extremely proud of my IU and Purdue academic achievements. I earned the following degrees: 1992 Purdue University (West Lafayette) Associate Degree from the School of Technology in Organizational Leadership; 1993 Indiana University (Kokomo) Associate Degree from the School of Continuing Studies in Labor Studies; 1995 Purdue University (West Lafayette) Bachelor Degree from the School of Technology in Organizational Leadership; 1981 United States Department of Labor, Federal Committee on Apprenticeships, Millwright. Note: I attended classes at IU through the Kokomo Campus, Richmond Campus, and IUPUI Campus. I also completed a course through Bloomington. Since my graduation, I have worked in the field of Human Resources while specializing in Labor Relations and Employee Relations. I’m currently a member of Purdue’s Lafayette College of Technology Advisory Board. Along with the Human Resources Organizational Development Staff of my current employer, we offer our associates the opportunity to earn a Purdue degree without stepping foot off our property. I’m very proud of this and attribute it back to my success at IU in Kokomo through the Labor Studies Program. (Keith was raised near Lafayette, IN and he currently resides in Bringhurst, IN).

Edward Hertenstein, AS, Labor Studies, 1994, BS, Labor Studies, 1996
As a local labor union leader, I attended a non-credit OSHA seminar held by the IU South Bend Division of Labor Studies. That experience convinced me to explore further educational opportunities. After taking a few credit courses, I decided that pursuing a degree was the right path for me. I chose IU because, as a working person, I appreciated the focus that IUSB had on serving non-traditional students. I could not have achieved my educational progress without the great assistance provided by all the faculty and staff at IUSB. I graduated in 1994 with an Associate of Science Degree in Labor Studies and in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Labor Studies. I earned both degrees from the Division of Labor Studies on the South Bend Campus. Since graduation, I have received an AM and PhD in Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations in 2000, and now I am an assistant professor in the Labor Education Program at UIUC. (Edward was born in England and raised from age 3 in Rantoul, IL. He moved to Elkhart, IN in 1979 for employment and he now lives in Urbana, IL).

Thomas Osmer, AS, 1994, BS, 1995                         
I was born in South Bend, IN and have lived here all my life.  I became interested in Labor Studies as a result of being an active union member.  I chose to attend IU because it is close to my home and it had a flexible schedule.  I graduated from the South Bend Campus with my Associate Degree in 1994 and Bachelor's Degree in 1995.  Since then, I worked as an Arbitration Advocate for the American Postal Workers Union and continued to do so  even after retiring from the Postal Service in 2006.

Reginald Williams, AS in Labor Studies, 1996, BS in Labor Studies, 1998     
I was born and raised in Gary, Indiana. I attended Roosevelt High School where my father and mother also attended.  I now live in Merrillville, IN.  I became interested in Labor Studies while serving as a union representative for employees of the Indiana Department of Correction in 1980 at the Westville Correctional Facility. I was a correctional officer at that time and wanted to enhance my knowledge of labor laws and procedures for addressing grievances. I also serve as a first responder for institutional emergences while on duty.

I attended IU originally after graduating from Roosevelt High School in Gary in June 1966 and I marched with the Marching Hundred in September 1966 at Bloomington under Dr. Gregory. I wanted to attend IU at that time but I was unable to maintain a proper grade average at the end of 1966.  Later, I returned to IU at the Gary Northwest Campus in 1989. I graduated with my AS in Labor Studies in 1996 and graduated with my BS in Labor Studies and a Minor in Criminal Justice in 1998. I continued past Labor Studies to earn my Master's in Public Management with SPEA in 2009.

At the time I was pursuing my Labor Studies curriculum, I would like to give thanks to Labor Studies professors Dr. Ruth Needleman, Dr. Bruce Nissen and Jean Troutman-Poole for their dedication and support in furthering my education goals. I would also like to give thanks to Dr. Charles Gallmeier (Sociology) who taught many supportive Labor Studies classes especially in labor investigations. I would like to give thanks to Major Jerome Ezell of the Indiana State Police for his insightful instruction in criminal investigations. Lastly, I give thanks to Professors Judge Ellen Zarletta and Susan Zinner for bringing out the truth with our educational studies.

I've become interested in criminal gang interdiction during the tenure of employment. I'm a member of the National Major Gang Taskforce, the Indiana Gang Taskforce and the Northern Illinois Gang Interdiction Network. I've attended gang seminars at the Stratton Law Enforcement Academy at Eastern Kentucky University. I've attended labor law seminars with the Region 25 - National Labor Relation Board and IU School of Law.  I have continued employment as a correctional officer for the Indiana Department of Corrections at the Westville Correctional Facility since 1980.  During this time I have also worked as an intern probation officer for the Criminal Probation Division of Lake County Superior Court in Crown Point, Indiana. I'm a courier verifying absentee ballots for the Lake County Election Commission. I continue to help employees in filing their grievances when needed, having been a state union officer.

I would like to see Labor Studies continue to receive support from IU.  Workers need support since there is little support from various management entities, especially within the criminal justice system. Regretfully, unions at times fall short of helping workers. Thanks to support from my fiancée Debra Rubeck, I have not only started, but I have finished the course of my studies. With God's help I will go further. 

Gary Brown, AS, Labor Studies, 1997, BS, Labor Studies, 2000
BrownI became interested in Labor Studies when I was the VP of the Office Committee Union at Cummins Engine Company. Our union partnered with Indiana University Labor Studies for our training needs. I chose the IU Labor Studies program because it was the best I could find and the location was perfect. The classes catered to the working person and was a great fit for me. Dave Williams and Dave Wilson went through the program with me and were close friends. Both graduated from the program. I graduated in 1997 with an AS in Labor Studies and again with a BS in 2000, receiving both degrees on the Indianapolis Campus. The Indiana University Labor Studies program was world class. I will always have great memories of my classmates, faculty and Indiana University. Since graduation, I retired from Cummins Engine Company at age 48 and went to work for Ivy Tech in Columbus, IN as an Apprentice Manager. After a year and a half I went to work at Bemis in Terre Haute as the Human Resource Manager. I currently have six direct reports and am responsible for all Human Resource and Labor Relations functions for 650 unionized employees and 100 salaried employees. Bemis is the largest polyethylene packaging facility in North America. My wife, Jean and I spend our weekends in the summer months riding our BMW motorcycle as often as time allows. My daughter Casey is also an IU graduate with a degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences. (Gary was born and raised in Columbus, IN and he currently lives in Terre Haute, IN).

Cordell Tjaden, Certificate in Labor Studies, 1997
I am retired from the United States Army after 35 years of service and am currently an ombudsman for the Employer Support Guard Reserves. I am now coordinating a Veterans Job Fair at the WWII Victory Museum in Auburn, Indiana. Fort Wayne, Indiana is where I live.


Donald Treinen, Certificate, Labor Studies, 1982, AS, Labor Studies, 1988, BS, Labor Studies, 1991
As a representative of the Communications Workers of America, both at the local and national levels, I developed an interest in Labor Studies. I resided in Indiana at the time and the IU Labor Studies Program was one of the most highly regarded in the nation. When I attended IU, Jim Wallihan was an excellent mentor and became a good friend. I earned the following on the Indianapolis Campus: Certificate in Labor Studies, 1982; AS Degree in Labor Studies, 1988; and BS Degree in Labor Studies, 1991. I worked for the Communications Workers of America until 1986. I served for 19 years as the union-appointed Executive Director of The Alliance for Employee Growth and Development, a non-profit labor management education and training program for employees of AT&T and several other companies represented by the CWA and the IBEW. I also have been a certified professional facilitator through the International Association of Facilitators. I have done facilitation work, both fee-based and pro bono, for a number of organizations, including the Army Corps of Engineers. I retired in 2005 and continue, in retirement, to provide facilitation services. I have also served on a number of educational boards, and serve my Florida and North Carolina communities on their governing boards. The degrees I hold from IU have held me in excellent stead for my career, and beyond. We enjoy travel, golf, tennis, photography and hiking in nature. (Donald was born and raised in Minnesota and now lives in Florida and North Carolina).

William Bowling, BS in Labor Studies, 1987             
Muncie, Indiana is my current home.  I was born in Lexington, KY and lived in Morehead, KY for 16 years.  Then I moved to Indiana and have lived here ever since.  I became interested in Labor Studies when I was put on a labor union committee at my local union.  I wanted to know more about unions so I enrolled in a union history class in Anderson, IN which was an extension of IU Kokomo.  I earned my BS in Labor Studies from IU Kokomo in 1987, my BA in Political Science from IU/PU in 1988, and my Graduate Degree in Public Administration from Ball State University, Muncie, IN in 1990.  I also attended Nova Southeastern University in PA for Doctoral Studies.  

I would like to mention that I: served on the IU Labor Advisory Board; am a member of Sigma Alpha Rho Beta Lambda; authored the Indiana Worker's Compensation Handbook; was awarded the Sagamore of the Wabash Award by Governor Evan Bayh; and have been inducted into the United States Karate Do Kai Hall of Fame.

My ties to unionism go back to my grandfather working in the coal mines and talking about John L. Lewis.  My interests are in learning Karate and being a karate instructor for kids where my focus is on teaching them honor and respect.

The IU Labor Studies Program is a good one for learning about unions.  I would like to see it provide help to graduating students in getting jobs after completion of their degrees.   

Since graduation I have:  retired from Delphi GM Division; taught labor history classes for the Bricklayers Union and at Ivy Tech College; and taught political science classes for Ball State and collective bargaining in the public sector for graduate studies.

Where are you now?

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