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IU School of Social Work Alumni Association

Alumni and Supporters

Glad you are here!

Welcome to the IUSSWAA website. We are very pleased to provide our alumni and supporters with this site. There are so many opportunities to help the school and the other alumni on issues facing our field of social work. While we have our own agendas it is the Indiana University education that we share. Our experiences may have been different, but it is the commonality of the School of Social Work that influences the way we work, practice, and live. We are always looking for better ways to serve our alumni. If you have time and would like to be more involved with the IUSSWAA, contact us. We need your talents to improve and expand our programs and services for all IUSSW alumni.

Please contact
Or Write:
301 University Blvd., Suite 1031
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Seeking Nominations for 2016 IU School of Social Work Distinguished Alumni Award

Indiana University School of Social Work has many wonderful graduates who have spent their career improving the lives of others. Indiana University School of Social Work Alumni Association would like to recognize one of our outstanding graduates with the Distinguished Alumni Award. Please consider nominating a graduate who demonstrates outstanding professional service and leadership to the profession, community, school, etc. Nominees must have earned an undergraduate, masters, or doctoral degree from the IU School of Social Work. If you know of an IU School of Social Work graduate to nominate for this award, please go to the attached link and submit your nomination. This can also be a self-nomination. The deadline for submitting a nomination is January 8, 2016. Thank you.

To submit a nomination, please click below on the IU School of Social Work Alumni Association nomination link:

Your 2015 Social Work Regatta Alumni Team


15th Annual Indiana University School of Social Work Alumni Continuing Education Conference

Friday, March 4, 2016
Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana University School of Social Work Alumni Association (IUSSWAA) is pleased to issue a “Call for Presentations” for our upcoming 15th Annual Indiana University School of Social Work Continuing Education Conference that will be held on March 4, 2016, in Indianapolis, IN. To make this conference a success, we need professionals to share their expertise. Prospective workshop presenters are encouraged to submit proposals on a variety of topics.

This year we have two specific requests for inclusion in your proposals. First, we are asking presenters to connect their topics to one or more areas of the NASW Code of Ethics. The following is an electronic link to the full Code You will find a summary of the key areas in the Code of Ethics at the end of this document. Second, we would like for presenters to close their sessions with at least one specific way or activity in which they engage to keep themselves renewed and fully available to meet the needs of their clients.

Our goals with these requests are to:

  • 1) keep our participants connected with their Code of Ethics
  • 2) help to provide them with some specific examples of what caregivers may do to care for themselves.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed with preference given to proposals based on relevancy to the field, best practices, and opportunities for audience participation and skill building. Conference workshops should be 90 minutes in length allowing time for questions and answers. We encourage you to bring handouts and visual aids. If handouts are sent electronically to the Alumni Office they will be made available to participants before the conference. If handouts are to be copied, they are done so at the expense of the presenter.

Regrettably, no honoraria are given to workshop presenters. The presenters do receive a complimentary conference registration that includes lunch. To submit a proposal for consideration, please provide all the information requested electronically using the link below.

Click here to submit your proposal electronically. If you are not able to make an electronic submission, you may email or fax your proposal to:

Indiana University School of Social Work Alumni Association
Fax: 317-274-5064

Electronic submissions are preferred. All proposals for consideration must be received no later than August 14, 2015. Notification of acceptance or non-acceptance of proposals will be on or before August 28, 2015.


  • To convene a diverse representation of practitioners, trainers, and educators
  • To provide an open forum for an exchange of ideas and a discussion of issues
  • To build partnerships for enhanced service delivery
  • To be innovative in planning for the profession's future
  • To educate all participants on the critical issues in social work
  • To share best practices
  • To celebrate our successes

Job Search Strategies

Resources from Tracie Lowe and Judy Carley

Upcoming Board Meetings

Wednesday, September 9, 2015
Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Wednesday, February 10, 2016
Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Meetings will be at 5:30 p.m. Location TBD

See the IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations Calendar of Events for upcoming School of Social Work alumni programs.

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IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations contact:
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