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Kareema Boykin, MSW, 2006

Kareema BoykinI was born and raised in East Chicago, Indiana and I now live in Indianapolis.  I have a BS Degree in Health Science. I will never forget how I got interested in Social Work. I was working at the Children's Bureau, Inc and two of my co-workers, Makita Johnson and MIchelle Clarke, were in the MSW program. I did not know much about Social Work, but they were telling me about it and telling me to look into going back to get my MSW.  I became so excited about what they were telling me that I researched Social Work and the IUSSW. I applied and was accepted into the program.  I believe that God put them in my life for a reason. I can remember when I was in the 1st or 2nd grade and my teacher asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up"?  I said, " I want to help people". I thought my purpose was nursing until I could not pass Anatomy in my undergraduate days.  But, now I know my purpose still is helping people, but in Social Work.  I sincerely thank God for putting Michelle and Makita in my life.

My first practicum was at Manual High School with two wonderful Social Workers, Mary Jane Wilkerson and Barb Lyons, who taught me how to manage doing many tasks at one time. My second practicum was at the Children's Bureau with Julie Stewart who taught me the importance of self-care.  I graduated from the IUSSW in Indianapolis with my MSW in 2006.

I have been at the Children's Bureau since graduation. Now I am a contractual worker instead of a full time employee. I work full time for Future Promises-pregnant and parenting program under the Marion County Health Department.  Future Promises is based at Arsenal Tech High School where, seven years later, I am again working with Mrs. Wilkerson who I knew when I was a student in my practicum at Manual High School.  What a blessing.

I am a member of the IUSSW Alumni Board.  I am married with a three year old son named Mark. When he was born, I experienced PPSD and since then, my passion has changed. I would like to obtain my Ph.D. and study PPSD in black women someday.

The MSW program forever changed my life. I am blessed to have had such wonderful professors and peers to help guide me along the way. 

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