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IU School of Social Work Alumni Association

Alumni Profiles

Bill Warriner, BSW, 1978, MSW, 1981

Bill WarrinerSocial Work was a good fit with many of my core values and beliefs.  The IUSSW was the only school that I considered.  During my time at IU, I appreciated the early guidance and support from several professors including George Pardo and Dr. Thomas Jones.  My field work placements were at the Indianapolis Pre-School Centers in Indianapolis and at Catholic Social Service in Ft. Wayne.  I graduated in 1978 with my BSW, having attended classes in Bloomington and Indianapolis.  Then, I earned my MSW in 1981 in Indianapolis.  I have held the following Social Work positions:  Case Management Supervisor, Citizen’s Multi-Service Center, Indianapolis; Assistant Director and Clinical Social Worker, Catholic Social Service, Ft. Wayne;  and President and CEO, Goodwill Industries of Northeast Indiana, Ft. Wayne.  I am a member of the NASW, the ACSW, Certified CEO's of Goodwill Industries International, the National Center for Nonprofit Boards, the Northeast Indiana Nonprofit Alliance,  and the Not For Profit Association of Northeast Indiana.  I have received the following awards:  Award of Excellence from the Institute for Organizational Effectiveness 2005;  Community Quarterback Award from the NFL Indianapolis Colts 2004;  Indiana Social Worker of the Year Award from Indiana State Chapter of the NASW 2001; Northeast Indiana Social Worker of the Year Award from Indiana Region 3 of the NASW 2001; Employee of the Year Award from Catholic Social Service, 1988; and Northeast Indiana Social Worker of the Year Award from Indiana Region 3 of the NASW, 1985.  I helped to increase Goodwill Industries’ operational budget from $550,000 in 1991 to $7.4 million in 2009 and I helped to increase its' total employees from 27 to 185.  I am an active member of the ecumenical Project 25 Committee which raised and distributed $1.25 million in emergency financial assistance to unemployed citizens of Allen County from 1982 to 1990.  I have volunteered on fourty-four different nonprofit boards, committees, and community groups and served as field instructor for eleven different colleges or universities from 1976 to 2010.  I have written fourteen guest editorial columns which were accepted and printed as special Guest Columnist in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and News Sentinel from 1986 to 2009.  I have been married thirty-two years.  My spouse, Roberta, holds a BSW from the IUSSW and most recently worked for Lutheran Social Service of Indiana  We have three children who are grown and out of the household.  (Bill was born and raised in Salem, IN and he currently lives in Ft. Wayne, IN).

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