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IU School of Social Work Alumni Association

Where Are They Now?


Lois Helm Cole, MA 1949
Hi all, Remember me? I got my Master's in Social Work in 1949! I can't believe it was that long ago. After a career in foster homes and adoptions, initiating a school social work program in a Cleveland suburb, and working in an agency serving the elderly, I retired to a life of volunteering! I volunteered at a hospice for 22 years along with church activities and working with animal shelters. My husband and I wintered in Phoenix AZ for 17 years before he passed away. We were long time campers and travelers. I have been in all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces, 38 foreign countries and all 7 continents. Almost 2 years ago I moved to West Virginia from Ohio to an independent cottage on the campus of an assisted living facility. This was at the suggestion of my daughter whom I had not lived near for 35 years! Here I participate in many of the activities provided by the facility plus six organizations in the church I joined and classes at the senior center. I am very fortunate to be in basic good health and proud of my 88 years in this world!


Pat Bellard, MA, 1951
I live at the Robin Run Retirement Village in Indianapolis.  Throughout most of my career, I worked with young children. I was with the Northwest Cooperative Preschool, the Flanner House Day Care Center and the Indianapolis Day Nursery, where I supervised IUSSW graduate students among my other responsibilities. I haVE traveled extensively and have visited a number of foreign countries. In my apartment, I have many treasures on display that I brought home from my travels.

Dan Steiner, MA, 1951
My work history is as follows: Marion County Juvenile Court, 1951-1953; Superintendent, Marion County Childrens' Guardian Home, 1953-1956; Supervisor of Public Assistance, Marion County Department of Public Welfare, 1956-1959; Supervisor of Social Work Services, Childrens' Bureau of Indianapolis, 1959-1964; Assistant Director of the Indiana Mental Health Planning Commission, 1964-1968; Director of Community Services for Mental Health, 1968-1982; CEO for Otis Bowen Center for Human Service, Warsaw, IN, 1982-1989; Director of Social Work, Lutheran Social Services of Ft. Wayne, IN, 1989-1993; and part-time with home nursing agency in Ft. Wayne, 1993-2004. In the late 1960's, I authored the "Indiana Plan for the Development of Mental Health Services." And in 1982, I received a plaque in recognition of my work for the Indiana Department of Mental Health. Since 2004, I have been retired and I continue to live in Ft. Wayne. I enjoy wood working, gardening, and travelling.

Merlin Outcalt, MA, 1957
Ruth Ann and I moved back to the Indianapolis area in 2004. She died on March 6, 2012. She worked in Christian Education, I worked in Children and Family Services, and we did lots of volunteer work together. We were married more than sixty-one years [to each other]. We were blessed with three boys and a strong Christian faith.

Carolyn Godfrey, MA, 1958 
I live at the Robin Run Retirement Village in Indianapolis with my husband.  During my career, I worked mostly at the Riley Hospital for Children.  I also worked for short periods at the IU Medical Center and the Indianapolis Public Schools and took 13 years out of my working years to raise my children.  At Riley Hospital I was on the pediatric diabetes service for the longest period of time.  During my last 4 years there, I worked on a grant basis in the child development clinic and in adolescent health.  I supervised a number of students and some social work staff during my career.  I retired in May, 1996.

Margaret Fleming, BA, 1959
I have finished a book ms on the psychology (and practical side) of clutter, and am working on a new book about Hoosiers, in between my blog, HEN BACKTALK and posting on health design sites.


Irene Weinberg, BA, 1961, MA, 1963
Since October, 2011, I have been completely retired.  After graduate school, I worked for the Indianapolis Children's Bureau and then the Veteran's Administration.  From 1996 to 2011 I worked part time for the Hand in Hand International Adoption Agency and played a part in the adoptions of 79 children from the Philippines, China, Russia, Moldova, Guatemala and Haiti.  I have remained in Indianapolis all these years and have no plans to leave.  I'm in the process of selling my home and moving into a garden home at a local retirement center.  For several years I have served on the IUSSW Alumni Board and I serve as the Alumni Editor for the IUSSW Magazine, "The Network."  In March of 2012, I had the great honor of receiving The Distinguished Service Award from the IUSSW Alumni Association.  I enjoy writing, hence my interest in working on the magazine as well as with the IU Alumni Office on posting items on our website.  Ragtime music is my favorite. I have a 1923 player piano and collect the rolls to play on it. I also like to play bridge and canasta.

Joseph Russell, MA 1963
Am still waking up each morning :} Been retired since Feb '93 from the VA Medical Center in Marion, IN. Have served on boards of Family Service Assn., and Grant - Blackford Mental Health Center; several regional and local church related interests. Wish a roster and update of the class of '63 might be sent out to our class members ... wondering how many are still living and might need a note of encouragement. Had a delightful note from Dean Patchner reflecting on the famous 4 P's of dear Helen Harris Pearlman. Current students have no idea who or what this is. Ha! Enough for now.

Carol Starr, BA, 1965, MSW, 1988
I am retired from my private practice. 

Donald Egli, MA, 1965
I retired in 2005 and continue to live in northern California. God bless America! 

Don Allbaugh, MSW, 1968
I retired in July, 2010 after a forty-two year career in Clinical Social Work most of it at Aspire Indiana (formerly The Center for Mental Health/Anderson, Indiana).  I continue to do two days per week in my private practice office in downtown Anderson. I have specialized for about 25 years in the treatment of sex offenders.

Margaret (Peggy) Moore, MSW, 1968
Since leaving Indiana in 1970 I wandered around the Midwest for another 11 years, working in Wichita, Kansas as a medical and school social worker. Then I went to Toledo, Ohio for 2 years where I commuted to Monroe, Michigan and worked as a school social worker.  In 1979 we were finally able to return home to New Mexico and I was able to continue my interest in and training in Family Therapy.  I worked in the Albuquerque Public Schools and then the University of New Mexico Medical School retiring from UNM in 2002.  I have continued to work in my private practice where I am now specializing in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.  I have become an EMDR Trainer and have been privileged to travel worldwide doing EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Trainings. It has been such a rewarding experience that I am not ready to retire yet.  My two children live nearby with my two beautiful granddaughters.

Randy Daniels, MSW, 1969
Worked for the WV Dept of Health and Human Resources as a Social Work Supervisor in Family and Childrens Services with emphasis on Adult Protective Services. Supervised social workers who were obtaining there license to practice. Retired in 2001 and now live in Parkersburg, WV. I feel blessed to have attended Indiana University and have wonderful memories of my time spent with classmates and my field placements at the Indiana School for the Blind and Family and Childrens Service of Fort Wayne Ind.

Ralph Nichols, MSW 1969
My career in Evansville, IN has been so rewarding beginning with my counseling work at our local mental health center followed by 15 years as Superintendent of our area state hospital followed by my return to our mental health center until my retirement in 2013. My passion became my work with PTSD beginning with Vietnam combat veterans, OIF/OEF veterans and culminating with my work with many police and sheriff officers who experienced traumatic incidents. I continue to give presentations on PTSD.


Mary Ann Hudson, MSW, 1970
I live at the Robin Run Retirement Village.  I worked with people who were disabled and with people who had mental health problems.  At first, I served  clients as a teacher.  Then I did counseling at the Noble Center with families of children who were disabled.  I went on to work for the Indiana Department of Mental Health in executive and administrative positions and was responsible for starting up mental health agencies around the State.

Barbara Mueller-Scapelitte, MSW, 1970
I am now enjoying retirement and visiting family in England. 

William Koss, MSW, 1971
I am retired from Connect2Help since 2006.I live in Chicago and do some project work for the Alliance of Information and Referral Services. I volunteer transcribing WWII oral histories for the Indiana Historical Society.

Helen Solomon, MSW, 1971
Have had an interesting and valuable career in social work. Have worked as an administrator and clinical supervisor in a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, a consultant to a sexual assault and violence intervention program affiliated with the Mount Sinai Medical Center, a faculty member in the clinical concentration at Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service for 20 years, and for the past 35 years as a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in private practice. In addition was married for 23 years.

Carole Finnell, MSW, 1972
I have now been retired for 13 years. During my social work career, I worked at the Flanner House Neighborhood Center, Marion County General Hospital (now Wishard Hospital), Marion County Department of Public Welfare (now the Marion County Department of Child Services), and the Cold Spring Road and Roberts Schools for children with disabilities. I was attending the graduate school at the time that it first moved from the Michigan St. near Delaware St. location downtown to what is now known as the IUPUI Campus.

Judith Mendenhall, MSW, 1972
After completing my degree, I worked 41 years in mental health counseling. I worked at Midtown Mental Health 15 years, then Northside Psychiatric before relocating to MN and later WA with my first husband. Here I worked in a variety of mental health settings including private practice and most recently providing mental health counseling within a medical outpatient clinic. I retired in July, 2013 and now enjoy hobbies and spending time with my husband and pets.

Sarah O'Brian, MSW, 1972
I am retired though not by my choice. Actually, due to funding losses, I have lost 3 of the 4 jobs I've had in my 49 years of practice in mental health. I have loved my work and am dismayed that those who have power are unwilling to pay for mental health services and long term therapy, especially for poor people who need it most. It seems most therapists in private practice are unwilling to take Medicaid. What is the answer?

Janet Dodd, MSW, 1973
I live with my husband at the Robin Run Retirement Village. We share our home with our wonderful dog, Buster. I worked at the Concord Center, the Indianapolis Public Schools, and the Visiting Nurse Association. Unfortunately, my career as a social worker was cut short due to health concerns. I enjoy playing guitar, singing, and painting.

Phil Greif, MSW, 1975
Retired, live in Ontario, Canada and Tucson, AZ   Worked in Kenosha (WI) County School District, Kenosha County Dept. of Social Services, San Diego (CA) Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled, Poway (CA) Unified School District, and Del Norte Unified School District, (CA) Would love to hear from any of my classmates!

Phyllis Pleuss, MSW, 1975
I retired as a Social Worker and now work very part time as a hearings monitor for Social Security disability hearings. I volunteer quite a bit for my church. We have three grown daughters and four grandchildren, with one more on the way. We love living in Madison, WI.

Barbara Cornett-Daugherty, BSW, 1977
I am currently retired. I worked with mentally challenged men in a group home setting, counseled low income youth, and worked, for the most part, as coordinator of a day treatment program with persons diagnosed with major mental illnesses.

James Paul Schroeder, MSW, 1978
I live in Evansville and work at the Advanced Pain Care Clinic as a Clinical Social Worker where we know that Chronic Pain is as much is as much about suppressed and repressed emotional pain as it is about the physical body. I also have dedicated myself to an Haitian Mission so the real poor in our world can experience some of the many blessings we have received.

Elizabeth (Betty) Walters, MSW, 1978
I'm living in a cottage home at the Franklin (IN) United Methodist Community, having retired in 1998. My husband, a United Methodist pastor for forty years, died two years ago. Our children live in Spokane WA, St. Louis MO, and Bloomington IN. I have one grandson and four step-great granddaughters. A new great-grandchild will join the family in early April. I participate in fitness activities at the Community and have also been working as a volunteer at the county Democratic Party office. 

Lynn Mattingly, MSW, 1978 
I worked as a Clinical Social Worker for twenty-five years in private practice and at a children's psychiatric hospital. I live in Evansville, IN.

Jeanette Muncie, BSW, 1979
I am currently a high school business teacher. I was recently in a continuing education session, and we were asked to raise our hands if we had taken a class to learn how to listen. Of course we all had taken at least one public SPEAKING class. I was the only one, of about seventy-five people, who actually had taken a class in listening. Thank you IU School of Social Work. Listening is a vital skill to be successful in today's world.


Peggy Eagan, BSW, 1978, MSW, 1980
I am currently the Executive Director of Children and Family Services Center in Charlotte, NC and have just been awarded a four month sabbatical supported by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. 

Miriam (Mim) Smith, MSW, 1980
I worked in mental health/private practice for twenty-five years. I am currently the corporation social worker for Westview School Corporation in Topeka, IN.

In 2007, my husband, Kenny Fuller, died. Although we had great health insurance, his illness was financially devastating. Fortunately, we had done some good planning twenty years earlier and so after his death, finances stabilized. Our community had no free health clinics and was hit hard by the recession in 2008 (RV industry). So, in 2010, I was able to open the Kenny Burkett Clinic which is the only free medical clinic in LaGrange County. We serve any LaGrange County resident without health insurance. We provide primary health care and are able to provide the first thirty days of all prescriptions. We have several volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses who staff the clinic. We are open one evening each week. The clinic is named in memory of my husband, Kenny, and my dad, Burkett L. Smith. The community, especially local churches, is so supportive of us. This indeed is a means of reaching out to the community and showing God's Grace.

Carol Morris, BSW, 1981, MSW, 1995
My social work career began in Child Protection Services at the Marion County Welfare Department in Indianapolis after obtaining my BSW from IUPUI. I gained invaluable experience in dealing with incest/families and have worked in various positions in the field of child sexual abuse ever since. I spent the bulk of my time working as a Victim-Witness Coordinator for the U.S. Attorney's Office in Indianapolis and then in Denver, Colorado where my caseload expanded to include Native American families. During my tenure in those settings, I also had the opportunity to work mass casualty incidents including the Oklahoma City bombings and the September 11th attacks. My husband and I still live in and love Colorado and I currently work for the Department of Homeland Security as a Victim Assistance Specialist.

Lori Popp-Moss, BSW, 1981, MSW, 1983
I have remained in Indianapolis working in the field of geriatrics since graduation and still enjoy it! Would love to reconnect with old classmates so feel free to contact me.

Margaret Null Bell, MSW, 1981
I am currently 91 years of age and live in the Heritage Pointe Retirement Community with my husband in Warren, IN. I volunteer two days a week at the library here and I also sing in the choir. I and several other people from the general Ft. Wayne, IN area drove to Indianapolis for classes at the IU School of Social Work on Saturdays. I was working then at the Northeastern Mental Health Center in Kendallville, IN and was able to do my field work there. I graduated with my MSW in 1981 and then became the Director of Social Work at the Center where I continued to work until I retired in 1985. My husband and I have four children, several grandchildren, and now two great grandchildren.

Frankye Johnson-Shelby, MSW, 1981
Married Mr. Kenneth L. Shelby on Nov. 12, 2011. Named Region 7 Social Worker (Indianapolis area) and the State of Indiana Social Worker of the Year for 2012, by the Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Also named the Central Indiana Chapter, ABSW (Association of Black Social Workers), 2012 Social Worker of the Year 3/2012.

James Smith, MSW, 1981
I am the Vice President for University Advancement at the University of Indianapolis.

Angie Hartman, MSW, 1982
I am employed at the new Community Westview Health Pavillion located in Speedway where I work in a teaching capacity with medical personnel.  In the past, I was employed at the Robin Run Retirement Village and was in private practice.

Sheila Kroll, BSW, 1982
I have worked at the Orange County Sheriff's Office for twenty-nine years as a 911 Public Safety Telecommunicator. I am married and have 3 children.

Eugene Richardville, MSW, 1983
I am married to Becky Kandler (MSW 1983) and we have 2 daughters. I work at Deaconess Gateway in Evansville, IN. 

William Chez Rusununguko, MSW, 1983
I've been married to Kimbely Rusununguko for twenty-three years; she has a BSW from Stockton College and an MSW from Temple University.  We have four children and five grandchildren. I have been employed as a Dean for the MSD of Warren Township in Indpls for twenty years. I am a member of Zion Hope Baptist Church where I am a Deacon, member of the Executive Board, Co-Servant and Leader for the Exhortation Ministry. I enjoy jogging weekly and practicing martial arts. My wife and I are both born and reared on the east coast, Washington, DC and Newark, NJ, respectively. We love returning to the east coast to visit family, friends, and to see/experience the sites. Peace and Blessings to All.

Dave Marty, MSW, 1984
I am currently serving as Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Rockville, Indiana where I use my social work training to facilitate a community Depression Support Group through the church, and to help connect the church and area social service resources. 

Carolyn Hart-Hults, MSW, 1986 
I have worked in providing services to people with developmental disabilities and with young children and their families through early intervention services.   For the past few years, I have provided counseling and consultation services to individuals and families and home care services to help allow older adults with disabilities to continue living in their own homes with support.

Margaret (Gret) Machlan, MSW, 1986
I am a contract employee at LifeWorks Counseling and Consulting, Inc, Ft. Wayne, IN. I do individual counseling for adults of all ages, primarily those surviving traumas and in recovery from addictions. Christian counseling available. Also provide DSM-5 training via Gret Machlan, LLC, 260-557-2334.

Elaine Watson-Padilla, MSW, 1986
I am currently working as a school social worker for Albuquerque Public Schools as well as a clinical therapist at Outcomes, Inc.

Lisa Arick, MSW, 1987
After 19 years working for the Veteran's Administration, I now am in my 12th year in my private integration psychotherapy practice in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis.  Additionally, I have the opportunity to provide clinical consultation services for the staff at the Indianapolis Vet Center.  I enjoy time with my family and friends and love quiet time spent in nature.   

Cathy Scott, MSW, 1987
While working as a counselor at a pain clinic at Wishard Hospital, I attended IU School of Law in the evening. I graduated in 2006 and passed the Bar. I was the first attorney for the Medical-Legal Partnership for Patient Health at Wishard where we improved the lives of patients through legal interventions. It was sort of Social Work on steroids. The Partnership won a Public Health Award. After working in family law, I returned to Wishard to the pain clinic and continue my work with chronic pain patients. I am scheduled to be ordained a Deacon in the Episcopal Church in October. 

Rebecca Coleman, MSW, 1986
I am the Social Work Department Chair and Program Director of the BSW Program at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the NLIC Region 3 Representative for NASW - Indiana Chapter which represents the northeastern part of the state. From 1989 – 1999, I worked in community mental health, specifically with families, children and women experiencing abuse, neglect, and violence.

Pat Browne, BSW 1988, MSW, 1989
After retiring from Midtown Community Mental Health Clinic at the end of 2007, I returned to work PRN in crisis for Community Health Network in 2012.  I am enjoying being nearly retired, yet keeping active in my profession.


Melissa Rosenbaum McCullough, BSW, 1990
Since 2005, I have been the Student Services Coordinator for Orchard Park Elementary and Carmel Clay Schools (Indianapolis area). My oldest son is a freshman at IU in Bloomington and my 8th grade son and 4th grade daughter attend Zionsville Community Schools. My degree from IU is very valuable to me. I like to tell people that although I got my Masters in Social Work from the Ohio State University, I received the best education at IUB!

Lisa Marquette Porat, MSW, 1990
I am the President of ILP Solutions, Inc. and the current President of the Association of Oncology Social Work. I was a founding partner of ILP Solutions, Inc., a Health Communications and Management Consulting Firm in Indianapolis, IN. I came to ILP after over twenty years of experience in the health care industry as a health communication/public relations executive, licensed therapist, clinical director, professor, health educator and consultant in both private and public settings. With a primary expertise in the field of oncology, my practice focus is in the area of oncology communication, patient education, training and organizational leadership. Prior to my work with ILP Solutions, I was in Oncology Marketing at Eli Lilly Oncology, and was the Senior Vice President and Head of Oncology for Matthews Media Group, a national strategic health communications firm located in Washington, D.C. MMG is a subsidiary of Omnicom, the global leader in advertising and public relations. There, I provided senior leadership and high-level strategic counsel to pharmaceutical clients, The National Institute of Health and various oncology advocacy organizations. I have been an invited speaker at over 100 conferences, including recent topics such as The Ripple Effect of Leadership, Embracing Hope, Leadership for the Oncology Professional, Conflict Management in the Workplace, Organizational Communication and Organizational Leadership for Oncology Practitioners. In addition, I serve on numerous local and national boards. My passion for oncology spans twenty years and includes experience as an oncology social worker at the Indiana University Cancer Center, as well as the founding Clinical Program Director of The Wellness Community-Central Indiana. In addition to my consulting projects, I continue to facilitate support groups for people with cancer on a regular basis. These groups have taught me the importance of staying focused on my “greater why”—my husband, and seven-year old daughter. My family and I reside in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. 

Donyel Byrd, BSW, 1992, MSW, 1995
I am employed as Associate Faculty in the IUSSW, Bloomington Campus.  I teach Diversity and Community Behavior and Practice.  I am Outreach Coordinator with the ACA Volunteers of Monroe County.  My social justice passions include health care reform, homelessness, poverty, marriage equality and public education.  My volunteer efforts include not only the ACA outreach, but also summer and winter shelters and the Indiana Coalition for Public Education.  I am married to John Stipp, Social Worker and Photographer, and am the parent of a 15 year old freshman son and 12 year old 7th grade daughter. 

Lou Ann Hamilton, MSW, 1992
My MSW from the IU School of Social Work has served me well. I have always had interesting jobs that I enjoyed, but my current position is my favorite. I am an Assistant Dean of Students in the Counseling Area at Purdue University. Although we have a CAPS on our campus, Purdue is a little different in that we also offer free counseling to students through the Office of the Dean of Students. We are licensed clinicians, but we do a variety of tasks. It is never boring. From every type of mental health issue, to academic concerns, outreach, and advocacy, my day is never boring.  While at Purdue I have been able to do research with a wonderful professor and colleague, Dr. Heather Servaty-Seib. Our area of interest is grief and bereavement.   We had an article published in the ACPA Journal of College Student Development in March-April 2006, vol 47 "Educational Performance and Persistence of Bereaved College Students."  I also wrote a chapter for the book series New Directions in College Student Services published in Spring 2008, Assisting Bereaved College Students. Last year after advocating for 11 years, Purdue finally approved a Grief Absence Policy assuring students that they would be allowed to be excused for funerals of family and close friends. I also am on the emergency response on call team for our office, and am the liaison for parents when students die.  Each April I coordinate the Golden Taps ceremony for students who have died during the past year. I love my job and feel like it is truly a social work position. When not working I love to swim, golf, play with the 3 grandkids and travel.  Just this May I was able to go with 16 Purdue students on a study abroad program to do service learning projects in South Africa!  I have recommended the IU School of Social Work to many of my undergrad students. 

Beverly Mussetter, BSW, 1992, MSW, 1993
I am continuing to serve clients who suffer from mental illness and families "at risk" and their children by providing both outpatient therapy as well as in home community based therapeutic services via contracts with the Indiana Department of Child Services.  These contracts exist to provide wrap around services to assist children with severe and chronic mental illness to stay in the community instead of residential institutions.  I work for a private practice, Life Solutions Counseling Associates, PC, and am enjoying developing my group's home based program in Regions 9, 10, and 11 in Indiana.  I enjoy my personal life and 18 grandchildren.  It continues to be a privilege to be a social worker and an IUSSW alumna.

Nancy Radcliffe, MSW, 1992      
I have been in private practice for the past twenty years and am getting ready to work exclusively with Veterans.

Holly Woodruff, BSW, 1993, MSW, 1994
This summer I "retired" from the Director of Counseling Services position at Earlham College in Richmond, IN, and moved into a position at the college with Human Resources. Since Spring semester of 2011, I have taught S251, now called History and Analysis of Social Welfare Policy, for the IUSSW at IU East in Richmond. I love teaching at IU East and it's been great to reconnect with my Social Work roots.

Janet Rhodes-Carlson, MSW, 1994
I am living in Lafayette and teaching Human Services students at Ivy Tech and loving my job.  I'm hoping to influence my students to be the best social service providers they can be and to follow their passions because YES, they CAN change the world!  I also have 3 beautiful grand sons that I spend as much time as I can with.  Life is good! 

Sandra Hathaway, MSW, 1994 
I am now living in Utah.  I have been retired from practice since 2003 and did quite a bit of traveling before settling in Utah.   I continue using my social work skills as a community volunteer working with school children and animal rescue groups.   No matter where you go or what you do, social work skills are an asset. 

James Kuemmerle, MSW, 1994
I thought I would share several updates that have recently occurred. About two years ago, I started to pursue other career opportunities. That led to myself and my family relocating to Lander, Wyoming. I am employed at a community mental health/substance abuse treatment center in Lander, WY as the clinical manager. I have continued my volunteer career as a firefighter and first responder in WY. My son got involved in Boy Scouts and asked me to do so as well. I am an assistant scoutmaster for his troop. And finally, I was commissioned as a first lieutenant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard (long story behind this one) as a clinical social worker. I have been assigned to the 128th Brigade Support Battalion. If any of my former classmates would want to touch base with me, my email address is:

Taryn Sheets, MSW, 1994
I am serving as the Executive Director of Searcy Children's Homes in Searcy, Arkansas.

Rhonda Arick, MSW 1995
I am one of 5 women who in 2001 founded/created Legacy House which is a not for profit agency providing counseling and support services to children, men and women who have experienced violence, and/or trauma. I continue to work at Legacy House as a trauma counselor. At Legacy House, all services are provided at no charge to the client.

Cindy Schulz, MSW, 1995
I am the Manager, Adult Case Management, in St. Joseph County.

Tricia Smith, BSW, 1995
Earned my MSW from Pacific State University in Oregon in 2000.  I am currently working at the Richard L. Roudebush VA Medical Center, Indianapolis, IN. 

Cynthia B. McQuigg, MSW 1996
I created Face Book group for MSW grads for year 1996. Please let grads know. After 10+ years of providing advocacy services to central Indiana seniors in assisted living as a local ombudsman, I created Senior Care Counseling Connection, LLC. We provide home based private practice mental health services in Hendricks County to individuals over 60 and/or family caregivers. I am also a volunteer at The Gathering Together, a private home providing end of life care.

James Michaels, BSW, 1996, MSW, 1997
One of Bosma’s key philosophies is that the organization doesn’t help ‘the blind,’ but rather that we help people who are blind or visually impaired. Emphasis on helping the whole person is personified by the work I do as Vice President of Program Services for Bosma. I believe strongly in facilitating each individual’s highest potential. As a man who is visually impaired, I have insight into the feelings and emotions that accompany failing sight and I am very willing to help others working to overcome fears associated with their disability. Prior to coming to Bosma, I worked for a number of organizations that serve people who are deaf or blind. I worked in residential services at the Indiana School for the Deaf, and then took a position as the Psychiatric Social Services Specialist at the Indiana School for the Blind. Just before joining Bosma Enterprises, I spent three years at the state-run Bosma Rehabilitation Center as their Counselor. My interest in working with the blind and deaf communities goes back to my childhood, when as a child with significant vision loss, I wanted desperately to not be ‘different.’ A transfer from public school to the Indiana School for the Blind during high school made all the difference in the world – it helped me to come to the realization that I was not so different. I just sees things differently than others. The sense of a weight being lifted from my shoulders led me to choose a career that allowed me to share my insights with others coping with vision loss. This career choice provided me with a humbling honor. In 2007 the National Industries for the Blind chose me to receive their Milton J. Samuelson Career Achievement Award. My wife, Connie, and I are the proud parents of son Jesse. I am a very active volunteer – past Chair of the Indianapolis Mayor’s Advisory Council on Disability and an Advisory Board member of the Indiana Reading and Information Services (IRIS). I am also a member of the NASW. In my free time, I am the Assistant Coach of the RHI X-treme Beep Baseball team and I enjoy playing the guitar and writing music.

Michael Rosta, MSW, 1996
I am the Dean of Students/Social Worker for Union Township Middle School. I have been employed there for 16 years. I am married and have a 13 year old son. I live in Valparaiso IN.

Deborah Moore, BSW, 1997
I am working at IUPUI in the Kelley School of Business. I have been here twenty-four years. As Recorder and Transfer & Returning Student Coordinator, I use what I learned with my degree every day.


Michele Fields, MSW, 2000
Earned an MBA in 2011 and I am currently the Customer Service Manager of Elwood Staffing in Columbus, IN.

Cheryl Garlinger, BSW 2000
After graduating, I worked for Coleman Adoption Services for four and a half years.  Then my husband, Doug, and I moved to Hawaii for about one year and I worked for the Judiciary Department as a Staff Social Worker with the Guardian Ad Litem Program.  We then moved to Phoenix, Arizona where I worked for Big Brothers/Big Sisters for about one year.  We then moved to Palmdale, California where I worked for El Nido Services for two and a half years.  We then moved back to Indiana and I have been back at the merged St. Elizabeth/Coleman Pregnancy and Adoption Services for almost six years.  Doug and I have three grown children and four grand children.  We enjoy traveling whenever we have the opportunity.

Deanna Hobbs, MSW, 2000
I am a School Social Worker for the Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County, IN.

Daniel Novak, BSW 2000, MSW 2001, PhD 2008
Since 2000, I have worked in the following fields of practice: mental health, social services, foster care & adoption, hospice, and grief & loss counseling. In addition, I have worked as Adjunct Faculty at IUSSW since 2003, and also at Marian University (2012). I have had my private practice since 2012 at Novak Counseling, LLC,

Ebony Schumpert, BSW 2000, MSW 2001
In the years since I graduated, I have worked in various areas that include mental health (children, adults, families, and groups), adoptions, foster care, school based, hospice, and geriatrics. In 2004, I received my LCSW, which was very helpful when moving to different areas in the state, such as St. Joseph and Elkhart communities. After moving back to Indianapolis in 2011, I started working in geriatrics with Senior Care at Eskenazi Health. My program work is specific to older adults who suffer from dementia and/or depression.

Julie Seybert, BSW, 2000
I earned a Master’s Degree in Health Administration and I'm working in the Pediatrics Department at Riley Childrens' Hospital in Indianapolis.

Debby Beckman, MSW, 2001
In addition to my MSW from IU, I also previously earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. I graduated from the Coaches Training Institute and I am a member of the Academy of Certified Social Workers and a Licensed Social Worker. I have been President and Chief Executive Officer at the YWCA for over 6 years. Prior to this, I worked for several nonprofit organizations with increasing levels of responsibility at each one. My previous experience includes vice president of membership for Girl Scouts of Central Indiana and Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Wapehani Council. I have been an adjunct faculty member for Vincennes University at the Marion IVY Tech and Manchester College, teaching sociology and social work. I currently serve as a board member of the United Way of Allen County, past president of the United Way of Allen County Agency Executives’ Council, University of Saint Francis Social Work Advisory Board member, IPFW Women’s Studies Community Advisory Board member, a member of the Downtown Rotary Club, a 2008 Journey Fellow, a 2010 graduate of Leadership Fort Wayne, a member of the Mayor’s Commission on Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence Task Force member, and a board member of the AIDS Task Force. I am a past board member of the Fort Wayne Urban League and past board member and treasurer of the National Association of Social Workers Indiana Chapter. I am Co-chair of the Indiana State Council of YWCAs.

Christina McCann, BSW 2001
I am currently the social worker for the St. Vincent Center for Healthy Aging, working with Drs. Pat and Diane Healy. I am also the President of Stewards in Aging Committee and President of the Marion County Council on Aging.

Jacqueline Wilkinson, BSW 2001, MSW 2002
I am currently employed with the Indianapolis Public Schools.  Working as an employee has enabled me to learn how social workers are an invaluable tool to the wellbeing of our students.  We are essential to the overall development of students.

Pearlie Banks, BSW, 2002  
I am currently retired from DFAS- Indy (Govt) Agency. I volunteer for Community Hospital Health Networks. and I am educator in the Lawrence and Warren school systems on a part time basis. I am a Lay Minister in my local church, Light of the World Christian Church, here in Indianapolis, IN. I also volunteer my services throughout the community. 

Jonelle Carns, BSW, 2002, MSW, 2006
I earned my LCSW in 2012.  I am currently doing contract work providing clinical and parenting assessments. In the fall I will begin coordinating events to interest potential families in adoption. Both jobs are very flexible which allows me to spend a lot of quality time with my three young boys!

Kjersten Kmetz, MSW, 2002
I am working at the VA Medical Center with Homeless Veterans. I got my LCSW in 2008. I also serve on the IU School of Social Work Alumni Board.

Melissa Vance-Blackwell, BSW 2002, MSW 2004
I am working at the VA Domiciliary, which is a residential treatment program for homeless veterans with substance use, mental health, and other psychosocial issues. I've been with the VA since 2007. Prior to that, I worked at the Wishard HIV/AIDS clinic and in hospice care. Outside of my work, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, running and surfing the internet looking for pets to adopt. My husband and I enjoy traveling and finding new or unique restaurants in the area.

Jami Stout, MSW, 2002
I'm working for the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Medical Center as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

Melissa Armstrong, MSW, 2003
I have been a Licensed Social Worker since 2007, employed at Marion General Hospital, Marion, IN since 2003. I received the Friend of Nursing Award in 2006. Member of National Association of Christian Social Workers, Member of Indiana Society of Social Work Leaders in Healthcare, and a Taylor University Community Advisory Board Member. I accept students to mentor from IWU and Taylor when applicable, for their senior practicums. Have one lovely daughter, Shelby A Cox, who just graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design. Married to Craig, who works as admissions and marketing director at Millers Merry Manor, Marion, IN.

Jason Arbogast, MSW, 2003 
I have been at the VA medical center in Fort Wayne, IN for 5 years. I have national VA certification in evidenced based trauma focused therapy. I have supervised two MSW students here at the VA. I have 4 children and have varying interests including monasticism, international cooking, and Russian things. Go IU.

Gayla Baumgardt, MSW, 2003
I am working in mental health with families in Washington, DC.

Karen Calcaterra, MSW, 2003
I'm currently living in Connecticut. I was employed at St. Francis Care Hospital on the child and adolescent inpatient psychiatric units for four years before opening a private practice in Wethersfield, CT in 2009. Currently still in private practice, and enjoying it very much!

Diane Monceski, MSW, 2003
Since 2004 I have worked for IU Health as a medical social worker. Currently I split my time between IUH HemOnc at Methodist Hospital and IUH Simon Cancer Center as an oncology social worker. I am on the IUSSW Alumni Association Board, and very much enjoy helping to plan the annual mental health conference. I am also involved in a study on cancer related fatigue and facilitate support groups for Camp Bluebird. 

Stacey Velez-Downing, MSW, 2003
I have the privilege of working with children and families as a social worker with Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at Riley Hospital for Children. My husband, Josh, and five year old son, Grady, thankfully keep me laughing on a regular basis. Fellow MSW classmate, Stacey Cunningham-Koleszar, and I continue to expand family-centered care and social work support through the creation and management of the annual Riley Cancer Center Prom and Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Graduation Ceremony. 

Christie Jansing, BSW, MSW, 2004 
After graduating with my BSW from the University of Indianapolis in 1999, I worked at Pleasant Run, Inc. as a case manager providing services to families involved with Johnson Co. DCS. In 2001, I was hired by Adult and Child Center to continue providing case management services to families involved with DCS. Over time, Adult and Child was very supportive of my decision to pursue my Master’s Degree, and accommodated me throughout my completion of my MSW. Currently, I work contractually for Adult and Child Center providing clinical services through the Community Alternatives to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (CAPRTF) Program. I work part-time so that I can spend most of my time at home with my 3 children. Grant is 6, Ella is 4, and Ty is 1. One of my favorite things to do is travelling. My husband, Jeff, and I love exposing our children to new places and experiences. 

Iris Kozisek (Insurriaga), BSW 2004
I worked as a manager in a not for profit clinic doing outpatient care for a few years. I applied to become a flight attendant in 2006 and was hired. I use my degree and what I have learned in my studies re: work environments and people. My knowledge has and continues to help immensely in handling situations on the aircraft.

Kelly L. Thompson, MSW 2004
I previously received my BSW from the University of Indianapolis in 2002. I am currently employed at the VA in the Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program and as Adjunct Faculty in Social Work at the University of Indianapolis.

Delia McGlocklin, BSW, 2005, MSW, 2006
After graduating with my MSW, I was originally hired in working for the Social Security Administration. Within a year I was working for the Department of Veteran Affairs in Psychiatry. I currently am employed with the Department of Defense at Fort Campbell, KY working with breaking down the stigma of mental health for both active duty personnel as well as their families. I am married and have two great children. 

Maryjane McNabb, MSW, 2005
I previously earned my BSW from Hope College. I received my LCSW in 2008 and am now working at the Department of Veterans Affairs as a case manager for the HUD/VASH Program in Monroe County, IN, serving homeless veterans.

Stacey Preyss (Beck), MSW, 2005
After launching the Homebuilders Program (intensive, evidence-based program for families with in child abuse & neglect), I became the Clinical Director of Bauer Family Resources in Lafayette, IN. During that time, I founded a Faith-Based Parent Mentorship program to bridge at-risk families to faith-based mentors, who meet these families where they are. Faith Church in Lafayette is now the administrator of the program. After two years of clinical director, I then became the COO. Bauer is a non-profit organization with three divisions: education, counseling, and youth. I oversaw 7 directors, programmatic, HR, Maintenance, and Finance. I was the interim CEO when our CEO was on sabbatical. In September 2011, I resigned to stay at home and start home-schooling my three children. I am adjunct faculty at Ivy Tech, teaching a Human Services course. I currently am also in the role of a consultant for Bauer Family Resources, providing clinical consultation (LSW & LCSW) for students and employees. I work on improving program design for the sexual offender and domestic violence programs at Bauer. I field shadow clinicians and provide feedback as well. I sub as group facilitator for sexual offender groups. 

Charlie Smith, Jr., MSW 2005
I am a proud graduate of the IU School of Social Work Class of 2005. I lived in Indianapolis with my wife and two daughters. Since graduating from IUSSW, I have been working in a leadership and development position. I learned in graduate school that you can do almost anything with an MSW. I chose to work on a macro level because I strongly believe that is where you can have the most positive affect on change. Aside from working, I enjoy spending time with my family, exercising, playing sports, attending church and volunteering. I thoroughly enjoy being a mentor and tutoring youth in various areas. Our youth are our future and we must remember to give back and teach them.

Tanya Downing, BSW 2006
I am currently enrolled in the MSW part time Saturday cohort at the IUSSW. I am one and a half years into the program and am expected to graduate in December, 2015. I am in my first practicum placement at Eskenazi Health in the ED, specifically in the HIV Program. I work full time at the Central Indiana Council on Aging and In Home Solutions as the Provider Coordinator. I am married to my husband of 8 years and we have a 4 year old son. We are members of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church.

Barbara Scott, MSW, 2006
I, along with my daughter, just completed the Indiana Summer Food Program. The program ran from June 14, 2012 to August 14, 2012 at Love Feast Church. We fed children from age 1 - 18 breakfast and lunch and also had a recreation program for the youth. I have three girls and eight grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren. I am over the Rose of Sharon Prayer Ministry where I have a prayer meeting every Saturday in my home at 7:00 p.m. I have written two books and gotten them published. Up Came a Rose is the first book and the second book is Chosen Sons and Daughters of God. I like to help people in the community. I have helped people expunge past records, obtain their disability, and do resumes. I am a notary so I also notarize various documents for others.

Courtney Sutliff, BSW, 2006, MSW, 2007
I am currently a social worker at Indiana University Health Ball Memorial Hospice in Muncie, IN. My husband and I are also foster parents and have had the joy of adding two young sons to our family through adoption. I was recently accepted to a palliative care and end of life advanced certification program through Smith College and will be starting that journey this fall. I really enjoy my career in medical social work and the wide variety of individuals I have the opportunity to work with--both other professionals and consumers. In my personal life I enjoy a variety of family events including watching my children compete in sports, car shows, and being a mom to two young boys.

Teresa Voorhees, BSW, MSW 2006
I am currently the Student Services Coordinator at Center Grove Alternative Academy and hold a LCSW license. I am also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Indianapolis in the Department of Social Work and supervise a BSW student at CGAA.

Darcy Durbin, MSW, 2007
I work for Department of Child Services as a Regional Service Coordinator, serving all of southwestern Indiana.

Kristina Kates, MSW, 2007
I've been working at the Indianapolis VA Medical Center for 4 years now as a Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist. I never imagined this is what I would be doing when I was in the MSW program, but I love it! I got my LCSW last year on my first try, which was pretty cool. I'm engaged to an amazing woman, Josie, and we have our hands full with 5 dogs! 

Timothy Owens, MSW, 2007
I'm currently working at Insights Consulting, Inc., as a behavioral clinician for people on the Indiana Developmental Disabilities Medicaid Waiver.

Barbara Warner, MSW 2007
I have been working in the addiction field since graduation in 2007.  I have also been teaching at an IU satellite campus.  I have found with my degree I have many opportunities to expand and grow personally and professionally.  I have been a presenter at a conference and I have presented to my co-workers.  My degree/education has been a true blessing.

Mary Willems-Akers, MSW, 2008
I have recently coordinated the first "Food Swap" in the Fort Wayne, IN area. Food Swaps are a unique way to create community. Events allow participants to share homegrown, homemade and foraged foods with one another through a barter system. Events are free to the community, the only currency exchanged is fresh food! You can learn more about food swaps at the, or more specifically about our group at

Stacy Beery, MSW, 2008
I am currently living outside of Durban, South Africa, where I run a grass-roots project I have begun, called the Seeds of Our Future project: "SOOF exists to maintain and sustain families in South Africa, by first providing a home for orphaned and abandoned teen mothers, along with their babies, and then by putting an end to the cycle of sexual abuse, HIV infection, and poverty through various community initiatives and educational programs, with a holistic approach of meeting each child's physical, educational, social, emotional, and spiritual needs." For more info:

Erica Dehart, MSW 2008
I currently work at the VA Medical Center of Ft. Wayne, IN in the general mental health program providing outpatient therapy to individuals, couples, and in groups. I am also providing services of trauma recovery utilizing evidenced based therapy to survivors of military sexual trauma, combat related trauma, and other types of complex trauma. I currently live in a 100+ year old farm house in Huntington, IN. I am connecting to the community through my yoga practice and my love of knitting.

I enjoy learning in all forms and thus spend time in reading, discussing, and teaching on topics of interest to Social Workers and the population I support.

Gregg Dodd, MSW 2008
I am a Clinician at the Midtown Community Mental Health Center.

Katrina Norris, MSW, 2008
I began my final MSW practicum at Fayette Regional's Care Pavilion in 2007. I became a full time therapist for the residential and acute programs six months prior to graduation and transitioned to the outpatient clinic in 2011. I received loan forgiveness for my commitment to serving the rural population. I was promoted to Clinical Supervisor in 2012 and in April 2013 became the Program Director. It is amazing that one field placement could lead to so many unique opportunities!

Sumiko Tsujimoto, BSW, 2008
After my BSW graduation, I pursued my interest in working with children and became a Family Case Manager with the State of Indiana in May of 2008. In my career, I have had the opportunity to become a Peer Coach for Hendricks County and local Region to promote and expand the practice of the Department of Child Services. I attribute much of my success to the Social Work professors at IU Bloomington providing me with such a strong foundation through education along with their support. As of August 2012, my baby sister is a teacher to children with special needs.  I am beyond proud of her and have so much respect for how passionate she is for her field of work. In September 2012, I will become an aunt to a little lady.  I am very excited for my brother and his wife!  I recently became engaged to the most amazing person and will be married come September of 2013. I enjoy spending my free time planning and dreaming about the big day. My hobbies include anything that is active and can be done outdoors.  Kayaking, camping, hiking, and boating would be at the top of my favorites list.   I also enjoy volunteering at food pantries and other community activities. And, I enjoy animals and have 2.5 canine family members--two big ones, and a tiny little guy that rules the roost. 

Katie Jones, MSW, 2009
I am the Violence Prevention Program Director at the Indiana State Department of Health. In this role, I oversee the Rape Prevention and Education Cooperative Agreement, including facilitating the Sexual Violence Primary Prevention Council, monitoring three contracts, and providing leadership in the implementation of our state sexual violence primary prevention plan. 

Teresa Gee, MSW 2010
I am an FT Behavior Therapist for adults and kids with DD, CP, and TBI's.  I love it!  I am also going back to school for my pre-doctorate.  My focus is on Special Needs Adoption Recruitment for kids that linger in the Foster Care System longer than other children.  I am also a CASA and get joy and experience from this position. 

Teri Guhl, BSW, 2010
I have just begun my first year in law school at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

Kay Eddy, BSW, 2009, MSW, 2010
I am beginning my 3rd year as Bereavement Coordinator for Guardian Angel Hospice in Kokomo. I also continue to advocate for our older population and help to raise funds for the American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide. I am currently studying for my certification in thanatology and hope to sit for my LCSW in the Spring of 2013.

Cynthia Lambert, MSW, 2010
Working as a Medical Social Worker at Wishard Hospital, Indianapolis.

Emily Strait, BSW 2010, MSW 2012
I am currently employed by Riley Hospital for Children as an NICU social worker.  I married fellow MSW alum, Chris Strait, in September, 2012 and we are expecting our first child in June, 2015.  Chris is now a firefighter with the Indianapolis Fire Department and he also works with the social work department at the IU Hospital. 

Lee Ann Green, MSW, 2010
Working as Director of Resident Services at Waterford Place Health Campus in Kokomo, IN. I recently finished my goal of completing a full marathon in November, 2011.

Kristian Gibson, MSW 2011
I am currently employed at the Marion County Public Health Department as a District Medical Social Worker where I see men and women of all ages in their homes, providing counseling and case management services free of charge.  In addition, I am the co-chair of our Bullying Prevention Committee and provide parenting classes at the Indiana Women's Prison.  I also am a trainer for the Safe Sitter Committee.  I recently obtained my LCSW this year.  I volunteer as an Outreach Coordinator/Marketing Team Coordinator for the Bloom Project Inc.  I am the Director of Guardian Angels Special Needs Ministry at New Life Worship Center.  And, I am an IUSSWAA Board Member.  In my down time, I love to hang out with my friends and family and my 2 cats!  I look forward to expanding my own family in the next few years.

Lindsie Hammans, MSW 2011
I am a Supervisor in the Aging and Disability Resource Center at the Central Indiana Council on Aging and In Home Solutions.

Jenny McGann, BSW, 2011
I am currently a Candidate for Juris Doctor (2014) at Northeastern University School of Law in Boston, MA. My BSW studies at IUPUI sparked my interest in pursuing a career in public defense, with a particular focus on mental health advocacy and prisoners’ rights/reforms. 

Maeven Mendoza, MSW, 2011
After graduating from the MSW program, I moved to Nashville, TN to work for CWJC of Middle TN, a faith-based non-profit that helps women to break the cycles of poverty through providing mentoring, education, and resources. After I became licensed in the state of Tennessee, I also started volunteering as a no-cost therapist at a local counseling agency. I love both roles and am interested in growing as a mental health therapist in the future.

Joshua Sumner, MSW, 2011
Currently working at Indianapolis VA Medical Center as a Psychiatric Researcher investigating the genetics of functional disability in schizophrenia and bipolar illness.

Leah Zimmerman, MSW, 2011
I graduated from the IU School of Social Work in May, 2011 and began my career as an addictions therapist at Park Center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I spent a year and a half running an evening IOP group 3 nights a week for those struggling with addiction. I've gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience from my time at Park Center. I have recently accepted a position at Adams Memorial Hospital in Behavioral Health as their Director of Social Services, which is the fancy title for the inpatient therapist. I look forward to starting my new job and gaining as much experience as I can.

Nikki Barnes, BSW, 2000, MSW, 2011
I am currently working at Indiana United Methodist Children's Home in Lebanon providing therapy to children and families. I also am working in private practice on the North side of Indianapolis with Kenosis Counseling Center providing therapeutic services to individuals and families. 

Kaity Wachtel, BSW, 2011
I am attaining my Master Degree in Social Work at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis and will graduate in May 2013! I am doing part time work for Safe Families for Children in Indianapolis as well as teaching fitness classes. I recently became engaged, in Disney World for that matter :), and plan to get married after graduating from the program, most likely in the Fall of 2013. My practicum this year will be at Carmel High School!

Sara Elliott Kinder, MSW 2012
I am working as a counselor in the Counseling Center at Franklin College.  I married Samuel Kinder in October, 2014 and we live in Franklin, IN with our Goldendoodle, Moye.  We hope to have him certified as a therapy dog in the next year or two to volunteer at hospitals and allow him to visit children.

Nicole Fabrizio Wolfe, MSW 2012
After graduation I worked for Gallahue Mental Health Services in their school-based program.  In 2013 I accepted a position as a school social worker for Catholic Charities of Indianapolis.  I work in two K-8 schools on the north side of the city.  My husband Ryan and I live in Fishers with our two cats and new corgi puppy, Lady Wolfe.

Natalie Geier, MSW 2012
I worked with Cummins Behavioral Health Systems for two years and am now employed at an elementary school in the Carmel Clay Schools.

Tabitha Hamler, BSW, 2012
I am still looking for employment.

Hannah Huebner, MSW, 2012
I graduated this past May with my MSW. I have just (this August) been hired in Chicago at the Haymarket Center, a substance abuse treatment center in the West Loop. I work with adult men dually-diagnosed with substance abuse and mental health disorders. I am in the process of getting my LSW in Illinois. 

Mason Hutcheson, MSW, 2012
I just accepted a position as a family case manager in Madison County for the Department of Child Services!

Katie Jones, MSW 2012
I am currently the social worker for a new program in Indiana called Franciscan Senior Health and Wellness PACE (program for all inclusive care of the elderly).  This program is a "one stop shop" involving an holistic perspective community-based healthcare program for seniors 55 years and older who wish to stay in their homes vs. long term care.  Some services provided are primary medical and nursing care, therapies, medical transportation, medications, adult day services, and social services.

Nancy Martinez, MSW, 2012
I currently work as a therapist with youth at Centerpointe Community Based Services. I received my LSW in September, 2012 and am working on supervision hours toward my LCSW.

Personally, we are working on remodeling our house and my daughter, Helena, started first grade this year at her Montessori school. We were able to get away over the summer to enjoy long weekends at Lake Michigan and Brown County, and to attend some concerts we enjoyed. My husband and I celebrated our twenty-second wedding anniversary in July and are looking forward to enjoying many more years as our daughter continues her journey.

Jennifer McIntosh, MSW 2012
My first year and a half out of the program was very interesting as I got a job at Midtown Mental Health in the older adult services.  I got first class, on the job training immediately in crisis intervention, substance abuse and geriatrics.  This experience shaped my passion for geriatric patients and the myriad of issues they face, especially access issues.  I am now at the Indianapolis VA with the GRACE team, where I did my second practicum.  I am currently working on trainings in ethical considerations when working with older adults as well as older adults and substance abuse.  The Baby Boomers are coming and there is a huge lack of training and education in geriatrics that I hope to help close that gap.  My time outside of work consists of meeting my five cats whims and helping watch my nephews.

Chelsea Medlyn, BSW, 2012 
After graduating from Indiana University - Bloomington, I now work as a Financial Compliance Associate at IU. My primary job responsibility is to ensure that Indiana University is both a compliant and flourishing research institute.

Rachel Miller, BSW 2012
I was an IV-E Scholar my senior year of my BSW.  I went on to work at the Department of Child Services in Marion County for one year and Lawrence County for one year.  I chose to leave DCS to obtain my MSW.  During this time, I interned with the Violence Prevention Program with the Marion County Health Department and am currently an intern at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.  Such great experiences!   I am also a volunteer for Diveheart.   This non-profit trains volunteers and provides an unique opportunity for children, adults, and veterans with disabilities to feel weightless and pain free.  This agency will help a range of disabilities such as people who are blind, deaf, paraplegic, quadraplegic, autistic, amputees, etc.  Look them up at

Erica Seabaugh, MSW 2012
I started working at the Central Indiana Council on Aging and In Home Solutions in 2008 and am now the Assistant Director of In Home Services at this agency.  I earned my LSW in February, 2013 and welcomed my first child, Joseph Ritchie Seabaugh, on May 9, 2013.

Lindsay Toth, MSW, 2012
I'm currently in a Care Manager position working with older adults and individuals with disabilities at CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions. I am engaged to be married June 8, 2013. I volunteer as the Recruitment Advisor for Alpha Phi at Indiana University- Bloomington. 

Nicola Vogel, MSW, 2012
I am currently working as a Social Worker for the VA in the Psychiatric Ambulatory Care Clinic (PACC) in Indianapolis, IN. I love my work and it is an honor to interact and work with our veterans.

Sandra Whiteley, MSW 2012
I am currently employed as a case manager with the VA Homeless Team.  I live in the Broad Ripple area.  My family consists of my husband of 7 years, 2 dogs, and my son, Greyson.

Hailey Butchart, BSW, 2013
I recently ended my three year term as Secretary on the Board of Directors of the New Hope Family Shelter and was a part of the start-up committee that started the shelter. I will soon be attending University of Texas at Austin for a masters in social work. I have served as a social work intern at the College Internship Program and was the former Campaign Coordinator of INPIRG’s Hunger and Homelessness Campaign skilled in conversational Spanish and Swahili.

Samantha Harrell, BSW, 2013
Currently, I am a social worker at Family Solutions in Bloomington, IN. I was recently chosen to direct the First United Methodist Church Interfaith Winter Shelter site for the 2012-2013 season. I am co-directing efforts to open a temporary low-barrier summer/fall shelter called The Ubuntu Shelter. I served as an Intern Caseworker for the Shalom Community Center and as an Intake Coordinator for the FUMC IWS site. I volunteered with Genesis House all three seasons and with IWS the past four seasons. I also co-developed a pilot program for mediator volunteers at several of the IWS sites to assist with conflict resolution and de-escalation efforts. I helped design and launch a volunteer program at Martha’s House in 2009, which extended weekend hours for guests to enjoy much needed respite. I served as a Resident Advocate and a Volunteer Coordinator for a year and a half, and occasionally subbed for staff. I have completed a 32-hour Basic Mediation Training course through the Community Justice & Mediation Center, providing tools and strategies for conflict resolution. I have four years of experience operating a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization for high school students with disabilities. I have worked with the IUPUI SITE Program on the development of program materials for a college integration program for young adults with disabilities, and have worked as a Direct Support Professional serving individuals with disabilities at both LifeDesigns and Stone Belt. I serve as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for Monroe County. In 2012, I received the BSW Student of the Year Award from the Indiana Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers. In 2011, I was selected for the “Hoosier Hero” award in service by Indiana Dollars for Scholars. I holds conversational skills in American Sign Language.

Sarah Mason, BSW 2013
I am employed full time at Stone Belt, Inc. in Bloomington, serving as a site manager for 3 clients and also work part time at the Youth Services Bureau of Monroe County with at risk youth ages 8-17 in a short term emergency youth shelter and advocating for a low barrier emergency shelter in Bloomington.

Julia Ramsey-Tharp, MSW 2014
I am working as a case manager for the Supportive Services for Veterans Families Program at HVAF of Indiana.  I work with homeless veterans and those facing possible eviction to help maintain permanent housing and connect to community resources.  

Where are you now?

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