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IUPUI Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame Request for Nominations

To be considered for induction in 2018, nominations must be received by September 1, 2017.

In order to recognize and honor those individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the achievements and prestige of Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis in the field of athletics, and who have continued to demonstrate in their lives the values imparted by intercollegiate athletics, the IUPUI Department of Athletics and the IUPUI J-Club established the IUPUI Intercollegiate Athletics Hall of Fame in 1993. The charter class was inducted in March, 1994.

The Hall of Fame selection committee hereby requests nominations for this year's inductee(s). A nomination may be submitted for one of three categories. Eligibility criteria by category are as follows:

Athletes: Recipient of at least one athletic letter award; must have exhausted eligibility by five years or more
Coaches and athletic administrators: Tenure of at least five years in the Department of Athletics; retirement, death or departure from the Department of at least five years
Meritorious: Truly exceptional contributions and service to the athletic program by one who does not qualify as an athlete or coach/administrator
Other factors that will be considered by the Selection Committee include the following:
Student Athlete Coach/Administrator Meritorious
All-American recoginition (athletic) All-Conference recognition (team and/or coach) Contributions to the program
All-Conference recognition (athletic) Number of All-American student athletes during tenure  
All-American recognition (academic) Number of All-Conference student athletes during tenure  
All-Conference recognition (academic) Length of tenure  
Graduation from IUPUI Graduation rate of student athletes during tenure  
Community leadership/service Community leadership/service  
Student leadership/service Continued support of IUPUI  
Continued support of IUPUI Institutional and /or department awards/recognitions  
Institutional and /or department awards/recognitions Career statistics  
Career statistics Coaching record  

If you have any questions, please call Sharon Holland at 317-274-4555.