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Maynard K. Hine Award

IUPUI Alumni Leaders' Dinner - Hine Award

In 1973, representatives of the constituent society councils on the IUPUI campus recognized a need for a campus wide award which would acknowledge significant contributions of individual alumni in support of the campus and its alumni programs. An awards committee was formed. That committee prepared a proposal which included why such an award would be feasible and what qualities would be considered in choosing recipients.

Maynard K. Hine Medallion

The committee also determined that the award should be named after Maynard K. Hine, first chancellor of the Indianapolis campus. Dr. Hine believed that a strong alumni program was essential. Accordingly, a bronze medal of Dr. Hine was commissioned for presentation to each recipient at the annual IUPUI Alumni Leaders' dinner.

Nominations for this award are typically accepted during the fall semester. This year's deadline is November 28th.

The IUPUI Alumni Leadership Dinner and medal presentation are held in February.

Please contact Ryan Mcilrath at (317) 274-5063 or with any questions or for additional information.

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