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IUPUI International Host Program

Created through a partnership between the Office of International Affairs and the Office of Alumni Relations, the International Host Program (IHP) is designed as an opportunity for IUPUI alumni to help international students engage in the Indianapolis community. Alumni, serving as hosts, provide friendship and support for the students as well as generate a sense of cross-generational campus pride. Hosts may offer a wide array of activities such as inviting students to dinner or letting them experience a home cooked meal, attending various international events in the greater Indianapolis community, sporting events, and other off campus events that harness the spirit of Indianapolis! This is an excellent opportunity for Central Indiana alumni to enhance the experiences of international students attending IUPUI while playing a pivotal role in promoting diversity and engaging in life here at IUPUI.

The program constitutes a 4 to 5 month long commitment with the opportunity to continue or be re-matched after this period of time. Matching takes place bi-annually in early October and March.

Photos courtesy of the Office of International Affairs

Why Join?

  • Benefits for Students
    • Gain a support system here in the US
    • Increase English language skills
    • Learn about American culture
    • Network internationally
  • Benefits for Hosts
    • Exposure to a diverse group of cultures from around the world
    • Become more globally aware
    • Build a mutually rewarding and beneficial friendship
    • Experience the diversity of IUPUI
  • What is Expected of Host
    • Meet with student at least once a month
    • Be a source of support for the student
    • Invite student to family gatherings, work events (if appropriate), IUPUI athletics events, etc.
    • Participate in events hosted by the Office of Alumni Relations and the Office of International Affairs
  • What is not Expected of Host
    • A live-in situation, room, or board
    • Financial or legal support
    • Continual, dependent transportation
    • Daily contact

Are You Interested?

  • Student Sign Up
    • Join IHP by going to Click on "Program and Events" and complete the International Host Family Program form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 317-274-8828.