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School of Science Alumni Association

The Alumni Association works to keep the School of Science alumni engaged with the school and the IUPUI campus by furthering the professional, educational and social interest of the School of Science Alumni.

Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna

Nominate someone for the Distinguished Alumnus Award.  Since this award is the highest honor given by the Alumni Association each year, and provides an excellent opportunity to recognize individuals who have contributed to the success of the School of Science, the Alumni Association, science related professions, and/or the IUPUI campus.

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Congratulations to the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus, John Kupferschmid, M.D.

John Kupferschmid Distinguished Alumnis Award Recipient

John Kupferschmid
Pediatric cardiac surgeon, San Antonio, Texas
1978, Mathematics, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
1982, IU School of Medicine, Indianapolis

Studying mathematics may not be the most common path to a medical career, but for John Kupferschmid, it built his spatial reasoning for tasks such as crafting valves for the tiniest of hearts.

Today he is a pediatric cardiac surgeon for Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas.

John made the decision in his third year of undergraduate studies to apply for medical school. When he started at the IU School of Medicine, he participated in a new program that paired students with physicians for experiential learning. John was paired with John Brown, M.D., a surgeon who specializes in congenital heart disease. Thatís when John fell in love with pediatric cardiac surgery.

In his 30-year career, Dr. Kupferschmid has seen the field change immensely with highly successful treatments. In 2014, he completed about 350 heart surgeries and will likely exceed 400 surgeries this year.

It is safe to say that outside of Dr. Kupferschmidís day job, he is a true humanitarian. Beyond Texas, he is making an impact for children around the world. He travels abroad regularly to life saving surgeries for those most vulnerable. Dr. Kupferschmid is heavily involved in an organization called For Hearts and Souls. Through the organization, Dr. Kupferschmid participates in programs in Mongolia, Kosovo and Iraq. He travels abroad a couple times a year as part of a team that performs operations on children in need, while training surgeons in these regions. These trips last a week and consist of surgeries scheduled back-to-backówith a waiting list in case time become available. Dr. Kupferschmid pays for the trips himself and obtains corporate underwriting to ship as much as a $1 million of equipment to these regions. Dr. Kupferschmid has seen the mortality rate for heart conditions decrease dramatically in these clinics, thanks to For Hearts and Souls.

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