Hine Award

History of the award

An awards committee was formed in 1973 after the need for this type of award was identified. The committee prepared a proposal specifying why such an award was feasible and the qualities that would be considered when choosing recipients.

The committee also decided the award should be named after Maynard K. Hine—the first chancellor of the IUPUI campus and former dean of the IU School of Dentistry—who believed that a strong alumni program is essential.

A bronze medal of Dr. Hine was commissioned for presentation to each recipient at the annual IUPUI Alumni Leaders Dinner.

Past recipients of the Hine Award

2020Diane E. Monceski, MSW’03
Clayton L. Nicholas, AAS’78, BS’80
Barry W. Ray, DDS’80
2019Charles R. Bantz
Louise E. Goggans, BA’56, MS’69, DMSC’82
Marjorie J. Kurt, BSN’77, MSN‘86
2018Roland R. Ditto, BA’65, DDS’69, MSD’74
James Hutchins, BS’94
Kathy Koehler, MPA’03
2017Catherine L. Cunningham, BAE’84
Jeannie R. Sager, MA’03
George R. Zundo, BA’76, DDS’80
2016Edward J. Brizendine, MS’93
A. Scott Chinn, BA’91, JD’94
Irene R. Weinberg, BA’61, MA’63
2015Terry R. Brown, BA’73, MD’77, Residency ‘81
Ronald L. Crain, BFA‘66
Rose M. Mays, MSN’74, PhD, RN, FAAN
2014Mary Ann Sullivan, BA’84, MPA’00
Steven L. Tuchman, BA’68, JD’71
Jerome Withered, JD’80
2013Dr. Kenneth R. Hyde, BA’72, DDS’75, MS’79
Jimmie L. McMillian Jr., BA’98, JD’02
Linda Olvey, MSW’83
2012Stephen A. Brinegar, Mike Carroll Golf Outing
Tonja C. Eagan, MPA’94, BA’90
Karen M.Yoder, AS’62, BS’63, MS’83, PhD’97
2011Daniel J. Henkel, BA’84
Diane E. Spaulding, BA’72
G. Michael Witte, BA’79, JD’82
2010Mark B. Antreasian, BFA’83
Jean C. Bepko
Daniel B. Powell, BS’98, BA’94
2009Miriam Langsam
Ralph E. McDonald, BDDS’42, DDS’44, MSD’51
Kathleen Weaver, BSN’68, MPA’89, JD’01
2008P. Nicholas Kellum, PhD’86, MS’71, BS’67
Eric C. Tinsley, MS’86, BS’82
Judge Gerald S. Zore, JD’68
2007Myles Brand, PhD
Robert E. Martin, MPA,’76
Frederick L. Sputh, DDS’77, MSD’79
2006Carolyn A. Cunningham, MD’67
Phyllis J. Lewis, MSN’80, BSN’59
Owen “Bud” Melton, BS’59
2005Byron B. Buhner, BA’76, MS’82
Simon H. McCullough, AS’93, BS’95
Patrick A. Shoulders, BA’75, JD’78
2004Mary Ann Davis
Robert L. Forste, Jr., BA’76
William M. Plater, BA’68, MD’71,
2003Patricia A. Keener, BA’65, MD’68
John R. Maley, JD’88, MBA’94
Eugene R. Tempel, MA’73, EdD’85
2002John M. Holt, JD’56
Lisa A. Stone, BA’76, MBA’80, JD’80
Stephan A. Viehweg, MSW’85
2001Margret G. Robb, BA’70, MS’72, JD’78
2000Fredric A. Hakes, BS’72, MS’74
Robert N. Modlin, DDS’59
Charles W. Wharton, BFA’75
1999James R. East, BA’53, MA’58, PhD’60
Jean R. Hutten, GN-RN’45, BSN’57, MSN’60
William N. Kulsrud, BS’71, PhD’80
1998Gerald Bepko, BS’62, JD’65, LLM’72
Robert Everitt, BA’65, JD’67
Cleveland Lewis, AS’72, BS’76
1997Kenneth Beckley, BS’62
William B. (Joe) Moores, BA’60, MD’63
Richard D. Schilling, AS’88, BS’89
1996Eugene E. Henn, JD’60
Juanita M. Laidig, BS’65, MSN’77, EdD’95
Hugh A. Wolf, EdD’71
1995James S. Arvin, BS’69, MS’72
1994Elizabeth M. Grossman, MSN Ed’60, EdD’72
George F. Rapp, MD’57
Robert H. Staton, BA’52, JD’55
1993Herman B Wells, BS’24, MA’27, LLD’62
1992Glenn W. Irwin, Jr., BS’42, MD’44
1991Martha S. Hollingsworth, BA’66, JD’72
James W. Huckelberry, DDS’42
George T. Lukemeyer, BS’44, MD’47
1990Nelle S. Godio, BS’74, MS’76
1989Michael A. Carroll, BA’64
1988Lillian G. Stokes, MSN’69, PhD’98
1987Clark J. Hendryx, BS’50, MA’60
1986Sandra S. Borns, BA’74, MS’83
1985Robert L. Bogan, DDS’54, MS’67
1984Mary Ann Tucker, JD’73, MBA’81
1983Harold M. Manifold, MD’45
1982Lante K. Earnest, BS’69, JD’73
1981Martha Ellen Stott, MSW’70
1980Jack D. Carr, DDS’39
1979Rebecca T. Markel, BS’59, MSN’72, EdD’86
1978Lester D. Bibler, BS’23, MD’25
1977Walter Crum, DDS’27
1976Lois Davis, MFA’47
1975Olga Bonke Booher, MD’32
1974Douglas H. White, Sr., DDS’18


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