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IUPUI gave us the best of both IU and Purdue. As alumni, we tend to lean toward one side—cream and crimson, or black and gold?—but we still unite as one, and we are proud to be Jaguars.

There are many perks to joining an alumni association, and we have the unique opportunity to choose between two of them. Your member contribution to the IU or Purdue Alumni Association funds programs for all IUPUI alumni.

How it works

  1. Earn your degree on the IUPUI campus.
  2. Join either the Indiana University Alumni Association or the Purdue Alumni Association.
  3. You automatically become a member of your local alumni chapter and the alumni association for your IUPUI school.

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IU Alumni Association

Connect with more than 760,000 graduates all over the world and discover the benefits available to you as an IU alum.

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Purdue Alumni Association

Connect with your fellow Purdue alumni from the IUPUI School of Science and the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology, and find out how to access the benefits available to you as an alum.

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