Give Back

Volunteer your time

Whether you earned a degree in public affairs or painting, it’s likely you completed some form of community engagement during your time as a student at IUPUI. As an alum, there are many ways to give back to the IUPUI community. Become an alumni volunteer and continue your connection to our alma mater and its alumni.

Your role as an alumni volunteer will vary depending on your interests and the needs of the IUAA. As a volunteer you might:

  • Mentor current students
  • Help plan and organize alumni events
  • Spearhead fundraising activities for IUPUI
  • Serve on an IU Alumni Association board
  • Talk to high school students about attending IUPUI
  • Connect with other alumni

Make a gift

Through your financial support, the IUAA can offer more student scholarships, sponsor more events, and reach more alumni across the globe.

Give today
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Refer a student

Sometimes, you know it when you see it. If you know a student who would be perfect for IUPUI—maybe it's a friend of the family, a sibling, or a high school student in your community—let us know.

It's as simple as filling out a form. Be sure to select IUPUI as the prospective campus, and the IU Office of Admissions will personally follow up with the student about their possible interest in attending IUPUI.

Refer a student to IUPUI

Be a student recruiter

Meet with students who are considering attending IUPUI, and give them the information they need to make an informed decision. Tell them what you liked best about your college experience, answer questions, and help them decide their path. You can represent IUPUI at a college fair, get your chapter to host an event, or sign up to be the designated alumni recruiter for a high school in your area.

Recruit students to IUPUI

Stay connected

The best way to give back? Stay connected through My IU is a one-stop shop for alumni — events, content, and access to resources, including your alumni profile, where you can adjust your privacy settings.