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Stay connected through the IU Alumni Association

The IU Alumni Association supports all IUPUI alumni by giving access to programs and services that advance your career, connect you with like-minded alums, and offer opportunities to continue your education.

Your involvement and support keep you connected to IUPUI—and serve to strengthen your alma mater.

Advance Your Career

All of us can benefit from career guidance and support—no matter how far along in our careers.

With its online tools and team of career coaches, the IU Alumni Association is positioned to offer you direct guidance and connect you with fellow alumni. IU boasts a network of nearly 775,000 graduates around the world, so no matter the career field, you’re likely covered.

Tap into the IUAA’s career expertise

Travel with Purpose

Exploring the cultures of the world creates indelible memories—and lifelong lessons.

The IUAA’s travel program—IU Travels—offers trips to some of the most fascinating destinations in the world, always with an eye toward learning. In fact, a number of the trips feature IU faculty experts.

Find your adventure

Never Stop Learning

Education doesn’t stop when you leave IUPUI.

With IU Lifelong Learning, you can continue your education in a broad range of areas, including the arts, science and technology, history and the humanities, and home and leisure. Dive deeper into your passion—or find a brand new one.

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