Check out the 2017 Regatta highlight reel!

Description of the video:

[Video: rock music begins to play, on screen text appears.]

Regatta: A canoe race on the downtown canal, 9th annual IUPUI

[Video montage begins:

Two boys in a boat canoeing down the Regatta.

A shot of a bridge that has a sign on it advertising “Indy’s premier canal event!”

Someone serving street vendor popcorn.

A young man getting henna drawn on his arm.

Multiple canoes and conoers racing down the canal.

The IUPUI mascot dancing.

A dog doing tricks on a dog obstacle course.

Young woman dancing in a lawn.

A young crowd sunbathing near the water’s edge.

A crowd cheering as a canoe boat races by.

Young men cheering.

Adults wrestling in oversized sumo outfits.

Canoes crossing the finish line.

Text appears on screen as the video ends:]

[Video: rock music begins to play, on screen text appears.]

See you at Regatta 2020

The twelfth annual Regatta will be held Saturday, Sept. 26. Whether you want to field your own team of fellow alums, or simply enjoy the festivities while you cheer others on, plan to join us!

Find photos, maps, and event details on the IUPUI Regatta website.